Kyle, Celia

If you are a reader who loves intricately detailed stories, solid background on characters, and believable world-building – no matter the genre – then you might want to check out Celia Kyle’s works.

I first discovered her through the Grayslake series, but there are others that I’ve read and enjoyed… and some I have yet to dig into (but I will be).  I do need to do some backtracking though on her works, many I read long before I started this Shifter focused blog – so I have some reviewing to catch up on but that’s not a hardship by any means.  🙂  Ms. Kyle has other books out that are not listed here – because of the focus of this blog, I’ve included Shifter Romances on this list.  But… there certainly are more to enjoy.

Her official website is located here –>  Celia Kyle

Any reviews that appear here on Shifter Haven have been linked back to that review post.

Reese and Jane (with Marina Maddix)

  1.   Having Her Enemy’s Secret Shifter Baby  – (Howls Romance)
  2.   The Alpha Shifter’s Family Reunion – (Bites of Life-Howls Romance)

Shifter Rogues

Real Men Shift (with Marina Maddix)

  1.   Real Men Howl – Mason & Lucy
  2.   Real Men Snarl – Kade & Ally
  3.   Real Men Growl –  Gavin & Rachel
  4.  Real Men Heal –
  5.  Real Men Bite –
  6.  Real Men Claim –
  7.  Real Men Hunt –

Real Men of Wildridge

  1.  His Fiery Kiss –
  2.  His Blazing Passion –
  3.  His Scorching Desire –
  4.  His Feverish Embrace –
  5.  His Heated Caress –
  6.  His Burning Heart –

Grayslake: More Than Mated

  1.   No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It – Ty & Mia
  2.   All Roar and No Bite
  3.   Roaring Up The Wrong Tree
  4.   Love At First Roar
  5.   Howl My Name
  6.   Sunday Bear-becue


  1.   He Ain’t Lion
  2.   You’re Lion
  3.   Ball of Furry
  4.   Head Over Tail
  5.   Fierce In Fur
  6.   Deuces Wild
  7.   Sealed With A Purr
  8.   Like A Fox
  9.   Big Furry Deal
  10.   Lion’s Honor
  11.   Maya: Wisdom From The Queen
  12.  Freaking Purrfect

Lions in the City

  1.   Chasing Tail
  2.   Tailing Her
  3.   On Her Tail
  4.   Heads or Tails

M & M Mating Agency

  1.   Wanting A Mate
  2.   Hunting A Mate
  3.   Protecting A Mate
  4.   Buying A Mate

Alpha Marked

  1.   Scarlet
  2.   Gabriella
  3.   Whitney
  4.   Rebecca
  5.   Lorelei
  6.   Paisley