Wilde, Anastasia

Anastasia Wilde is an author that I recently discovered – I love checking out Kindle Unlimited for new to me authors.  The Silverlake set of series seems to be where she’s started.  And if that’s correct, I cannot wait to see how she grows her writing over the coming years.  I’m already hooked on her series.  Right now I’m caught up (reviews are scheduled so they’ll pop up over the next few weeks) on her current series and am awaiting the beginning of the next connected to the Silverlake series to begin.

She writes solid, sexy Paranormal Romances featuring Shifters with a few twists, adding mystery here and mystical beasts there.  Actually, you never know what one of her shifter’s animal is at times until they shift – and that is a fun hook to keep us guessing.  I’ve loved every book I’ve read, so far, and I doubt that I’ll be changing my mind any time soon.  If you’re in the mood for a new author, I would definitely recommend Anastasia Wilde.  Try one of her stories and I’m betting you’ll be hooked too.

Although I’ve not yet found an official website, here is the link to her Facebook page:  Anastasia Wilde on Facebook

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Wild Blood Shifters

  1.  Brandon’s Mate
  2.  Colton’s Mate
  3.  Remington’s Mate
  4.  Damien’s Mate
  5.  Titan’s Mate

Bad Blood Shifters (connects to both Silverlake series)

  1.   Bad Blood Bear
  2.   Bad Blood Wolf
  3.   Bad Blood Leopard
  4.   Bad Blood Panther
  5.   Bad Blood Alpha

Silverlake Enforcers (connects to Silverlake Shifters)

  1.   The Enforcers:  Kane – Kane & Rachelle “Raven”
  2.   The Enforcers:  Israel – Israel & Ashley
  3.   The Enforcers:  Noah – Noah & Mina

Silverlake Shifters

  1.   Fugitive Mate – Jace & Emma
  2.   White Wolf Mate – Rafe & Terin
  3.   Tiger Mate – Jesse & Sophia