The Enforcers: Israel by Anastasia Wilde

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Israel Jonas, Silverlake Enforcer, is a one-woman wolf—without the woman. Ever since the other leaders of the Silverlake pack found their true mates, his wolf won’t leave him alone. All he wants is his own mate—a sweet, submissive beta female who will be happy with a simple life and romantic nights in front of the fireplace in his mountain cabin—and, of course, his heart. A job as a personal bodyguard to a spoiled country singer is the last thing he needs.

Ashley Silver is the “Silver Star”—the hottest new country sensation out of Nashville. She’s finally escaped her paranoid, secretive, dominating shifter family and is about to achieve the glittering success she’s always dreamed of—until she’s targeted by a celebrity stalker. Now the family is threatening to pull the plug on her tour, derailing her career before it has a chance to take off.

Israel starts out protecting Ashley from the stalker, but he soon discovers that her own people may be the most dangerous threat she faces. And when he realizes she’s the one he and his wolf have been waiting for, he has to prove to everyone—including Ashley—that the heart of a wolf contains the strongest magic in the world.

Titles in the  Silverlake Enforcers include:  The Enforcers: Kane – The Enforcers: Israel – The Enforcers: Noah   —  Silverlake Enforcers is a spin-off or bridge with the Silverlake Shifters series which include:  Fugitive Mate, –  White Wolf Mate –  Tiger Mate

Title:  The Enforcers:  Israel
Series:  Silverlake Enforcers #2
Author:  Anastasia Wilde
Published:  January 29, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Now that his best friend, his brother in everything but blood has found his mate, in fact it seems like his entire pack has found their mates, Israel is feeling the longing for his own mate.  His wolf looks at practically every woman they walk past with longing and then dismissing with a “not the one” thought to Israel.  He wants what his friends have and he knows that she’s out there somewhere – he simply didn’t expect her to be the exact opposite of what he thought would be his ideal mate.  What he had considered an easy case of being a bodyguard for a diva of a country singer who is perhaps a victim of a stalker – turns into a life changing event.  His mate.  But nothing about convincing her that she’s the one is going to be easy.  Not one single thing.  Between her own actions, the escalating stalker and what appears to be a domineering family in the background pulling strings – well, Israel is going to need to find some patience and fight some battles.  But when his mate is finally at his side, it will be all worth it.

Ashley has fought hard to live this dream.  Her music is everything to her, and she’s gone up against her family to go after what she wants.  Her family is controlling, archaic and not afraid to use whatever weapons they need to keep her safe, or in to keep her in line – up to and including magic.  Her animal has been bound, she is unable to shift even to save her own life – that is the price she pays in order to follow her dream.  She cannot afford to feel the way she does about her sexy, at times annoying new bodyguard.  Israel is beyond what she can allow herself to want, but that doesn’t stop the wishing.  When absolutely everything around her goes into the danger zone the only one who will risk their life for her is her mate.  And she will defy her family to be with him – if they should survive.

The Enforcers: Israel is a powerful, tense romance that will keep you flipping pages.  Ashley and Israel are a unique couple, and their journey has some serious roadblocks to overcome.  Of course, this is a smokin’ hot read – but beyond that it’s also a mystery on several levels, one that has interesting twists and turns along the way.  This series continues to grow in intensity and once again we encounter an iconic shifter who will change Israel’s life in ways he never expected.  I would definitely recommend this story and this series to any reader who enjoys Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romances, even Mystery lovers will find a plot to enjoy in this one.

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