Birch, Elva (Zoe Chant)

Elva Birch is one member of the group of writer friends who make up the Zoe Chant pseudonym.  If you’ve enjoyed “The Shifting Sands Resort,” or ‘The Green Valley Shifters,” or ‘The Fae Shifter Knights” series from Zoe Chant… then you were reading Ms. Birch’s work.

Her official website can be found at that link —>  ELVA BIRCH

The official website for Zoe Chant is at this link.

While I’ve loved just about every single title by “Zoe Chant” that I’ve read (and I’ve read a ton), those particular three series listed above, are my absolute favorites of all… and I was devastated when “The Shifting Sands Resort” came to a conclusion (with the tease of a possible holiday story in the future).  So when the actual authors’ names began to appear in the back of the books (yes, I do read until the 100% mark), I went in search of their other works.  And will create pages as I make those discoveries.  (None of this information is hush-hush any longer, so I’m not telling secrets.  It’s on the ZC website, and in each e-book)

As I’ve mentioned before, these pages are really for my own benefit as I can keep track of authors I enjoy, what their series are, and which I’ve already read (before spending money twice or for a book I already read through KU)… should they also be of benefit and enjoyment to my visitors is a huge bonus for us both.  🙂


A Day Care For Shifters (writing as Elva Birch)

  1. Wolf’s Instinct
  2. Dragon’s Instinct
  3. Unicorn’s Instinct
  4. Gryphon’s Instinct

Royal Dragons of Alaska (writing as Elva Birch)

This is an alternative universe shifter and magic series that will easily sweep you away to a different Alaska… one that is also very familiar; the changes are subtle (at first) and completely delightful.

  1.   The Dragon Prince of Alaska – Toren & Carina

Fae Shifter Knights (writing as Zoe Chant)

A touch of magic, unusual portals, and sexy shifters finding their human mates make up an intriguing and delightful series full of surprises.

  1.   Dragon of Glass – Trey & Daniella
  2.   Gryphon of Glass –

Shifting Sands Resort (writing as Zoe Chant)

What can I say?  This series is my absolute favorite of the Zoe Chant pen name.

** The Master Shark’s Mate from Fire & Rescue Shifters is also a Shifting Sands Resort crossover – it comes right after Tropical Wounded Wolf in reading order…

And – Firefighter Phoenix from Fire & Rescue Shifters is set at Shifting Sands Resort between Tropical Christmas Stag and Tropical Leopard’s Longing …according to its author Zoe Chant)

  1.   Tropical Tiger Spy – Tony & Amber
  2.   Tropical Wounded Wolf – Neal & Mary
  3.   Tropical Bartender Bear – Tex & Laura
  4.   Tropical Lynx’s Lover – Travis & Jenny
  5.   Tropical Dragon Diver – Bastian & Saina
  6.   Tropical Panther’s Penance – Wrench & Lydia
  7.   Tropical Christmas Stag – Gizelle & Conall
  8.   Tropical Leopard’s Longing – Breck & Darla
  9.   Tropical Lion’s Legacy – Graham & Alice
  10.   Tropical Dragon’s Destiny – Scarlet & Mal

Green Valley Shifters (writing as Zoe Chant)

  1.   Dancing Bearfoot –  Patricia & Lee
  2.   The Tiger Next Door –  Andrea & Shaun
  3.   Dandelion Season – Tawny & Damien
  4.   Bearly Together – Shelley & Dean
  5.   Broken Lynx – Jamie & Devon