Ripley, Meg

Meg Ripley is a prolific author who delivers Shifter Romances with intensity, a gripping storyline, and likable, believable characters.  Now, I certainly haven’t read all of her books… yet.  But I’m working my way through that huge backlist, slowly, with determination.  I particularly enjoy her Seasoned stories because, frankly, love shouldn’t happen only for the younger crowd.  And since Shifters are historically long-lived, well, it might take some time to find a fated mate. 🙂

Her official website is the place you should be checking out for her entire backlist/current releases.  What I’ve listed here are the series that I’ve either read – am in the process of working my way through, or have an interest in starting at some point.  Meg Ripley Official Website

SHIFTER NATION UNIVERSE is quite large, and constantly growing.  Many of my favorite series are within this “universe,” and I continue to work my through them all (eventually).  The most recently added series to the Shifter Nation Universe is at the top of the listing.  Titles I’ve read and reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked to those reviews… and there are many that I’ve read but not reviewed (time constraints usually, or I’m in the process of reading them) – those are in bold type.

Shifter Nation: Marked Over Forty

  1. Forbidden Midlife Mate
  2. Wolf’s Midlife Bite
  3. Wolf’s Midlife Secret Child
  4. Rejected Midlife Wolf
  5. Wolf’s Midlife Nanny

Shifter Nation: Fated Over Forty

  1. Alpha’s Midlife Baby (prequel)
  2. Bear’s Midlife Midwife
  3. Bear’s Midlife Baby
  4. Bear’s Midlife Matchmaker
  5. Bear’s Midlife Second Chance
  6. Bear’s Midlife Psychic
  7. Dragon’s Midlife Soulmate
  8.  Bear’s Midlife Surrogate
  9.  Bear’s Midlife Witch
  10.  Cursed Midlife Bear
  11.  Next Door Midlife Bear
  12.  Bear’s Midlife Christmas

Shifter Nation: Wild Frontier Shifters

  1. Her Rancher Bear
  2. Her Cowboy Bear
  3. Her Rodeo Bear
  4. Her Sheriff Bear
  5. Her Deputy Wolf
  6. Her Rancher Wolf
  7. Her Wrangler Wolf
  8. Her Christmas Wolf

Shifter Nation: Werebears of Acadia

  1. Ranger Knox
  2. Ranger Trent
  3. Ranger Drew
  4. Ranger Ramon