Spear, Terry

Terry Spear

I fell in love with Terry Spear’s shifter worlds long ago.  To be frank, for the longest time, I attempted to keep a running list of stories that would fall under the Heart of the Wolf world… but there are so many connecting series since I began this adventure that I’ve basically given up on that idea.  This is a universe, one that includes wolves, cougars, jaguars, white wolves, silver wolves, grizzly bears, and more.  So what you’ll see here are the individual series only.  Honestly, it makes it easier for me to jump into series and complete them (or get up to date) when they’re listed separately.  I know these pages of mine are helpful to so many folks who wander by, but this began as a way for me to keep track of new books and which ones I’ve read/reviewed. 🙂

Here you will only find her Shifter stories listed because that is the main focus of this blog.  So for her complete book list and other tidbits of interesting information, head over to her official website at that link over there–>   TERRY SPEAR

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Heart of the Wolf

  1.   Heart of the Wolf – Bella & Devlyn
  2.   Destiny of the Wolf
  3.   To Tempt The Wolf
  4.   Legend of the White Wolf – Cameron & Faith
  5.   Seduced by the Wolf – Leidolf & Cassie

Red Wolf

  1.   Joy to the Wolves
  2.   The Best of Both Wolves
  3.   Christmas Wolf Surprise

Silver Town Wolves

  1.   Wolf Fever
  2.   Dreaming of the Wolf
  3.   Silence of the Wolf
  4.   A Silver Wolf Christmas
  5.   Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply
  6.   Between A Wolf and A Hard Place
  7.   All’s Fair In Love and Wolf
  8.   Home for the Holidays
  9.   Tangling with the Wolf


  1.   A Seal in Wolf’s Clothing
  2.   A SEAL Wolf Christmas
  3.   SEAL Wolf Hunting
  4.   SEAL Wolf In Too Deep
  5.   SEAL Wolf Undercover –
  6.   SEAL Wolf Surrender –
  7.   SEAL Wolf Pursuit (6.5 — ? novella?)

Highland Wolf

  1.   Heart of the Highland Wolf
  2.   A Howl for a Highlander
  3.   A Highland Wolf Wedding
  4.   Hero of a Highland Wolf
  5.   A Highland Wolf Christmas
  6.   The Wolf Wore Plaid

Billionaire Wolf

  1.   Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing
  2.   Billionaire Wolf for Christmas
  3.   Night of the Billionaire Wolf
  4.   Wolf Takes the Lead

White Wolf

  1.   Legend of the White Wolf  (Heart of the Wolf #4 – introduces the Arctic Pack’s beginnings)
  2.   Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas – 
  3.   Flight of the White Wolf –

Heart of the Jaguar

  1.   Savage Hunt
  2.   Jaguar Fever
  3.   Jaguar Hunt
  4.   Jaguar Pride
  5.   A Very Jaguar Christmas
  6.   You Had Me At Jaguar

Heart of the Cougar

  1.   Cougar’s Mate
  2.   Call of the Cougar
  3.   Taming the Wild Cougar
  4.   Covert Cougar Christmas
  5.   Double Cougar Trouble
  6.   Cougar Undercover
  7.   Cougar Magic
  8.   Falling for the Cougar
  9.   Cougar Christmas Calamity
  10.   Saving the White Cougar
  11.   Big Cat Magic

Heart of the White Bear

  1.   Loving The White Bear
  2.   Claiming The White Bear

Wolff Brothers

  1.   You Had Me at Wolf
  2.   Jingle Bell Wolf

Heart of the Grizzly

  1.   Bear in Mind

Run with the Wolf

  1.   Wolf on the Wild Side