Street, Liza

Sometimes great Shifter Romance authors find me before I find them.  And to be honest, there are so many great Shifter stories that I want to read, but even as fast as I read there are only so many hours in a day to devote to reading.  The family wants fed and clean sheets occasionally – go figure.

Recently I was contacted by Liza Street for a review request.  I admit, I hadn’t read her work yet and apologized (as I do to all authors I haven’t gotten to just yet) and agreed to start her current series (I’m one of those people who have to read a series from the start, I simply have to)  I’m liking what I’ve read so far and will go back for her previous series as well.

If, as an author, you can make me truly care about your characters and what happens to them – then you have a reader for life.  It’s that simple.  There is no great mystery to what makes me tick as a reader or a book review blogger – give me people I can care about what happens to them, an interesting story, and one that is believable (within the genre – I’ve already accepted furry people, make me love them) and then I’ll enjoy your work and want more.  That’s pretty much what Liza Street has done in the work I’ve read so far – a sexy couple, something to deal with in an engaging way, and situations that I can believe as I let my imagination run wild.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure – then I’d suggest picking up the first book in one of her series and discover another author to follow and enjoy.  Her website can be found over there –>  Lisa Street

Any titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.

Sierra Pride

  1.   Fierce Wanderer
  2.   Fierce Heartbreaker
  3.   Fierce Protector
  4.   Fierce Player
  5.   Fierce Dancer
  6.   Fierce Informer
  7.   Fierce Survivor
  8.   Fierce Lover

Corona Pride

  1.   Savage Yearning – Laura & Dristan
  2.   Savage Loss – Rafe & Brigitte
  3.   Savage Heartache – Nina & Jameson
  4.   Savage Thirst – Fraze & Gracie
  5.   Savage Bliss – Viviana & Hudson (Seth)
  6. Savage Redemption – Ben & Delilah (BAD Alpha Dads)

The Dark Pines Pride

  1.   Wild Homecoming – Jackson & Summer
  2.   Wild Atonement
  3.   Wild Reunion
  4.   Wild Engagement

Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan

  1.  The Rose King –
  2.  Ruthless Misfit – Matt & Erena
  3.  Ruthless Outlaw –
  4.  Ruthless Fighter –
  5.  Ruthless Rogue –
  6.  Ruthless Knight –

Alphas & Alchemy: Fated Mates (with Keira Blackwood)

  1.   Claimed in Forbidden – Declan & Daphne
  2.   Fated in Forbidden –  Sophie & Finn
  3.   Bound to Forbidden – Anna & James
  4.   Caught in Forbidden – Cordelia & Matt
  5.   Mated in Forbidden – Caleb & Moira
  6.   Forever in Forbidden –
  7.   Destined in Forbidden –

Junkyard Shifters

  1.  Filthy Beast – Lena & Carter
  2.  Filthy Wolf –
  3.  Filthy Vandal –
  4.  Filthy Alpha –