Taiden, Milly

If you’re a Shifter Romance lover, then you’ll know right away who Milly Taiden is… if for some reason you haven’t read any of her Paranormal books yet, I would highly recommend any of them, frankly.  But you’ll enjoy the series more if you start at the beginning.  Ms. Taiden was one of the first Shifter Romance authors that I began with; unfortunately, this blog wasn’t in existence when I started reading them.

Ms. Taiden also had titles in the Howls Romance line – which I can no longer find new releases for.

Although I do my best to keep up-to-date on book lists, new titles come out all the time, so here’s the link to her official website where you can find all of her information… Milly Taiden

Titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.  Because she has such a large backlist, and you can easily access her official website through the link above, I’m not listing every series now, only the ones that I’m planning to do some reading (or rereading) in at this time.

Hurricane Shifters

  1. Bearing the Storm
  2. Growling for Thunder
  3. Paws in the Rain

Bearly Mates

  1. Bearly Marked
  2. Bearly Chased
  3. Bearly Mated
  4. Bearly Taken

Half Moon Key

  1. Howling for Attention
  2. A Curl of His Tail
  3. Roaring for a Scratch
  4. Paws for a Minute

Midnight Mates

  1. Midnight Howl 
  2. Flames of Dawn
  3. Fur the Night
  4. Time to Roar

I’ve done a bit of housekeeping on this page, and you will find that I’m listing the newer series above this divider now – it simply makes it easier for me.

Pride of Alphas

  1.  Hunting Ember –  Ember & Kai
  2. Chasing Sparx
  3. Mating Cinder

Marked and Mated

  1.  The Wolf’s Royal Baby
  2.  The Wolf’s Bandit
  3.  Goldie and the Boys
  4.  Baby Got Bear


  1.   Elemental Mating
  2.   Mating Needs
  3.   Dangerous Mating
  4.   Fearless Mating

Savage Shifters

  1.   Savage Bite
  2.   Savage Kiss

Shifters Undercover

  1.   Bearly In Control
  2.   Fur Fox’s Sake

Federal Paranormal Unit

  1.   Wolf Protector
  2.   Dangerous Protector
  3.   Unwanted Protector –
  4.   Deadly Protector –

Paranormal Dating Agency

Honestly?  There are simply so many titles in this ongoing series that your best bet for the actual complete listing is to visit the official website of MILLY TAIDEN <- there.

Sassy Mates

And just like the PDA world… visit the official website for the most current list:  MILLY TAIDEN

Royal Claws

  1. Snowkiss 
  2. Frostbite 
  3. Icescape