Davis, Lia

Lia Davis has written some amazing Shifter Romances (and others as well).  I’ve read many, but not all – I’m still getting caught up on the list myself.

Her official website can be found at this link ->  LIA DAVIS WEBSITE


  1.  Winter Eve
  2.  A Tiger’s Claim
  3.   A Mating Dance
  4.   Surrendering To The Alpha
  5.   A Rebel’s heart
  6.   Divided Loyalties
  7.   Touch of Desire
  8.   Leopard’s Path
  9.   Jaguar’s Judgement — 9.5 Bundles of Pink
  10.   Alpha Challenge
  11.   Mating Chaos
  12.   Tiger for Two
  13.   Claimed by the Alpha


ASHWOOD WORLD (a spin-off)

  1.   An Alpha’s Fate


BEARS OF BLACKROCK (an Ashwood Falls spin-off)

  1.   Bear Essentials
  2.   Bear Magick
  3.   Beary Sweet Holiday (reviewed on my Keeper Bookshelf site) – I’ll bring it over here for the Holiday season



  1.   Moon Cursed
  2.   Moon Kissed
  3.   Moon Mated



  1.   War’s Passion
  2.   Ashes of war
  3.   Artemis’s Hunt
  4.   Chaotic War


  1.   Imperfect Mate


As well as a non-shifter (vampire) series and many stand alone novels.  For the absolute complete list visit Lia Davis’ website at the link above — I’ve concentrated on Shifters here.

(I’ve read and reviewed several stories on this list, but they are on another review blog of mine – soon all of my Shifter reviews will be in one place and then the novel links to  my reviews at Shifter Haven will be active.)