Nash, Layla

Layla Nash

I love discovering new to me authors that truly speak to me, deliver the types of stories that I want to devour.  I found such an author recently in Layla Nash and immediately went on a reading binge of all of her stories that I could get my greedy little Kindle hands on.  🙂

I truly enjoy series that are longer, involve all of the characters of that particular series in each (or almost each) story so that we come to know everyone just a little bit until they each get their own story told.  City Shifters, The Pride and City Shifters, The Den delivered so well on that one big desire of mine in reading materials.

Ms. Nash’s official website is located at that –> link  Layla Nash

Each story that has been reviewed here on Shifter Haven will be linked back to that review post.

Bear Creek Grizzlies

  1.   His Bear Hand
  2.   Loaded For Bear
  3.   A Lion Shame
  4.   Bait and Switch

Bear Mail

  1.   Signed
  2.   Sealed
  3.   Delivered

City Shifters, The Pride

  1.   Thrill of the Chase – Logan & Natalia
  2.   Chasing Trouble – Benedict & Eloise
  3.   Storm Chaser – Atticus & Sophia
  4.   Cut to the Chase – Ruby & Chase
  5.   Chasing the Dream
  6.   A Chase Christmas
  7.   A Valentine’s Chase
  8.   A Mother’s Pride

City Shifters, The Den

  1.   Bearing Burdens
  2.   Bearing Hearts
  3.   Bearing Scars
  4.   Bearing Demons
  5.   Bearing Secreta
  6.   Breaking Free

City Shifters, The Pack

  1.   Witch Hunt 
  2.   Hunting Grounds 
  3.   Head Hunter 
  4.   On the Hunt