Storm Chaser by Layla Nash

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Storm ChaserSophia Frazier only fights for money. With her life before age twelve a complete blank, the search for her identity and family carries a hefty price tag. She’ll even take on a big bruiser like Atticus Chase for a couple of rounds if it means getting closer to figuring out who she is.

Atticus falls for Sophia — literally and figuratively — the moment she knocks him out, but when he discovers Sophia has no idea she’s also a snow leopard, his brothers and the Alphas Council get involved. She’s too dangerous to roam the city alone, but Atticus struggles to control his own lion. How can he possibly teach Sophia to control her leopard?

With only a week to learn how to shift before the Council has her executed, Sophia fights to find her place in the world and the Chase family. Loving Atticus should be enough, but as they both run out of time, storms gather and Sophia faces the fight of her life.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Storm Chaser
Series:  City Shifters, The Pride #3
Author:  Layla Nash
Published:  September 30, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars

As the enforcer for the Chase family and businesses, Atticus was beyond fit and buff, he was deadly.  Perhaps even more so than his family realized since his lion was close to out of control, now Atticus was barely keeping his shifter side under any type of control.  It’s likely the reason he began taking to the underground, illegal game of street fighting – and why he never lost.  Until the night a beautiful, determined female was slated against him.  He was taught from childhood – you never ever hit a lady unless it’s in self-defense… but maybe he could edge by that decision.  One round, certainly he could manage to knock her down without hurting her in one round.  Surprise, Atticus.  Knocked on your butt by a girl.  He’d never live that down if his family ever found out.

Later, when he saw Sophia being harassed on the street he jumped in to help, but she had the situation pretty much in hand… and also not, since she’d shifted into a beautiful, deadly snow leopard seemingly without realizing what she’d done.  A shifter who has absolutely no control over their animal is too dangerous to be allowed in the city unattended.  Sophia was brought to the Chase estate and before the Council… where she was given a harsh ultimatum.  Learn to control her shift within one week – or be put down.  Atticus already knew she was his mate, no matter how much that fact confused him – and he’d not let anyone harm her.  But, he also was barely in control of his lion.  Somehow they both needed to get control of Sophia’s leopard before they had to do something desperate or watch Sophia die.

Storm Chaser is an action packed Shifter Romantic Suspense style story.  The bond between Atticus and Sophia is obvious and strong.  The Chase family is doing everything they can to insure Sophia’s success because they know what she is to Atticus and for her own self as well.  There are other factors at play as well, and as always in this series, the secondary characters make the story come alive with plots, twists and options you never saw coming.

As with every title in this series, the story of Atticus and Sophia grabbed my attention, and my emotions.  Their struggle is very real, and their determination in the face of such a difficult task is both a wonderful thing and a frightening to watch.  Their chemistry was off the charts, and so was their stubbornness.  I completely enjoyed this couple, and Sophia easily became one of my favorite characters in this series.  I would recommend Storm Chaser without hesitation for any Shifter or Paranormal romance reader.

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