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Zoe Chant

I discovered Zoe Chant a couple of years ago.  What an amazing find that was!  I love the diversity of her stories.  From fun and sexy to deeply suspenseful – and everything in between.  For whatever mood I’m in, she has a story that is a perfect fit.  Series. Stand Alone. Connecting.  All of her books that I’ve read I have completely fallen into and enjoyed.  Hard to ask more of an author than that.  (And by the looks of this book list, I’ve got some serious catching-up reading to do! – Happy camper dance)

Her official website can be found at that link –>  Zoe Chant

There is an interesting fact about Zoe Chant that perhaps not all of her readers know… and since that information can be found on the official website and is beginning to show up at the end of books and Amazon information, this next area is for my own interests ( you may share them) in finding more titles by many of the authors that make up the group of talented writers that all write under the “Zoe Chant” pen name as well as their own works and pen names.

I absolutely loved, adored, and was addicted to the Shifting Sands Resort series.  I loved that one and hated to see it come to an ending.  Now I’m discovering that Shifting Sands Resort, Green Valley Shifters, and Fae Shifter Knights are all series (so far) that were written by Elva Birch under the Zoe Chant pen name.  Her official website can be found at — Elva Birch.   (and reviews done at Shifter Haven are on her page here)

Another of the Zoe Chant authors is C. E. Murphy.  I’m just beginning (and loving) the Virtue Shifters series and need a bit more information to state which other (if any) series are hers.  In any event, she also writes under the C. E. Murphy name with even more Paranormal/Fantasy stories to enjoy. (And to be clear, this information is at the very end of her Zoe Chant books and on the ZC website, so I’m not giving away secrets)

Other authors who write as part of the “Zoe Chant” group are Lia Silver – Lauren Esker – Helen Keeble – so be sure to check out their other titles as well. 🙂

Thankfully, I’m not done with her book list yet, and there are always new titles being added.  I’m one happy reader.  🙂

Titles that have been reviewed here at Shifter Haven are linked back to the review post.

Protection, Inc.

  1.   Bodyguard Bear
  2.   Defender Dragon
  3.   Protector Panther
  4.   Warrior Wolf
  5.   Leader Lion
  6.   Soldier Snow Leopard
  7.   Top Gun Tiger

Protection, Inc – Defenders

  1.   Cave Bear Defender – Pete & Tirzah

Bears of Pinerock County

  1.   Sheriff Bear
  2.   Bad Boy Biker Bear
  3.   Alpha Rancher Bear
  4.   Mountain Guardian Bear
  5.   Hired Bear
  6.   A Pinerock Bear Christmas

Honey For The Billionbear

  1.   Honey For The Billionbear
  2.   Guarding His Honey
  3.   The Bear and His Honey

Ranch Romeos

  1.   Bear West
  2.   The Billionaire Wolf Needs A Wife

Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters

  1.   The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate
  2.   Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter
  3.   Choosing The Billionaire Dragon Shifters
  4.   The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Christmas
  5.   The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Baby
  6.   The Billionaire Dragon Shifter Meets His Match

Hollywood Shifters

  1.   Hollywood Bear
  2.   Hollywood Dragon
  3.   Hollywood Tiger
  4.   A Hollywood Shifter’s Christmas

Shifters of Coral Beach

  1.   The Jaguar’s Beach Bride – Mina & Brennan

Enforcer Bears

  1.   Bear Cop – Chris & Eve
  2.   Hunter Bear – Steven & Cleo
  3.   Wedding Bear – Kayden & Sidney
  4.   Fighter Bear – Logan & Lilly
  5.   Bear Guard –

~~~~~~All these books within these brackets are within the same world, with cross-overs and cameos done by characters from any of these series.

Fire and Rescue Shifters

  1.   Firefighter Dragon – Dai & Virginia
  2.   Firefighter Pegasus – Chase & Connie
  3.   Firefighter Griffin – Griff & Haley
  4.   Firefighter Sea Dragon – John & Neridia
  5.   The Master Shark’s Mate – Martha & Finn (A Shifting Sands Resort crossover)
  6.   Firefighter Unicorn –
  7.   Firefighter Phoenix –

Fire and Rescue Shifters:  Wildfire Crew

  1.   Wildfire Griffin –
  2.   Wildfire Unicorn –
  3.   Wildfire Sea Dragon –
  4.   Wildfire Pegasus –
  5.   Wildfire Hellhound –

Fire & Rescue Shifters: Family & Friends

  1.   The Sea Dragon’s Lion –
  2.   Coyote in the Sea –

Shifter Cub Camp (set in the Fire & Rescue Shifter world with cross-over characters)

  1. Stormwolf Summer – Buck & Honey
  2. Pegasus Summer –

Mythic Mates (set in the Fire& Rescue Shifter world with cross-over characters)

  1. Tithed to the Fae –
  2. Bound to the Unicorn –
  3. Claimed by the Kelpie –

Fire & Rescue Shifters Shorts

  • Fire & Rescue Shifters: First Mission (prelude to the original series)


Glacier Leopards

  1.   The Snow Leopard’s Mate – Grey & Alethia
  2.   The Snow Leopard’s Baby – Jeff & Leah
  3.  The Snow leopard’s Home – Zach & Teri
  4.   The Snow Leopard’s Heart – Joel & Nina
  5.   The Snow Leopard’s Pack – Cal & Lillian
  6.   A Snow Leopard’s Christmas – Christmas everyone

Veteran Shifters (a spin-off from Glacier Leopards)

  1.   Snow Leopard’s Lady – Mavis & Wilson
  2.   Lion’s Lynx – Lynn & Ken
  3.   Panther’s Passion – Stella & Nate
  4.   Tiger’s Triumph – Carlos & Pauline
  5.   Jaguar’s Joy – Misty & Ty

Rowland Lions

  1.   Lion’s Hunt – Seth & Cassie
  2.   Lion’s Mate – Max & Shoshanna

Shifting Sands Resort (Elva Birch writing as Zoe Chant)

** The Master Shark’s Mate from Fire & Rescue Shifters is also a Shifting Sands Resort crossover – it comes right after Tropical Wounded Wolf in reading order…

And – Firefighter Phoenix from Fire & Rescue Shifters is set at Shifting Sands Resort between Tropical Christmas Stag and Tropical Leopard’s Longing …according to its author Zoe Chant)

  1.   Tropical Tiger Spy – Tony & Amber
  2.   Tropical Wounded Wolf – Neal & Mary
  3.   Tropical Bartender Bear – Tex & Laura
  4.   Tropical Lynx’s Lover – Travis & Jenny
  5.   Tropical Dragon Diver – Bastian & Saina
  6.   Tropical Panther’s Penance – Wrench & Lydia
  7.   Tropical Christmas Stag – Gizelle & Conall
  8.   Tropical Leopard’s Longing – Breck & Darla
  9.   Tropical Lion’s Legacy – Graham & Alice
  10.   Tropical Dragon’s Destiny – Scarlet & Mal

Salem Creek Shifters

  1.   Hero Bear

Upson Downs

Cedar Hill Lions

  1.   Lawman Lion – Charity & Mason
  2.   Guardian Lion – Heath & Daphne
  3.   Rancher Lion –  Joe & Sasha
  4.   Second Chance Lion –
  5.   Protector Lion –

Shifter Kingdom

  1.   Royal Guard Lion  – Signy & Kai
  2.   Royal Guard Tiger – Poppy & Tristan

Shifter Suspense

  1.   Panther’s Promise
  2.   Lion’s Betrayal
  3.   Stealing the Snow Leopard’s Heart

Bodyguard Shifters

  1.   Bearista – Derick & Gaby
  2.   Pet Rescue Panther – Ben & Tessa
  3.   Bear in a Bookshop – Melody & Gunnar
  4.   Day Care Dragon – Darius & Loretta
  5.   Bull in a Tea Shop – Maddox & Verity
  6.   Dancer Dragon –

Stone Shifters (spin-off Bodyguard Shifters)

  1.   Stoneskin Dragon
  2.   Stonewing Guardian
  3.   Stoneheart Lion

Westerley Cove (connection to Stone Shifters)

  1.   Tor
  2.   Eren
  3.   Dane

Elemental Mates

  1.   Mated to the Storm Dragon – Gregory & Naomi
  2.   Mated to the Earth Dragon –  Damon & Autumn
  3.   Mated to the Ocean Dragon –
  4.   Mated to the Fire Dragon –
  5.   Mated to the Griffin –

Christmas Valley Shifters

  1.   The Christmas Dragon’s Mate – Henrik & Dara
  2.   The Christmas Dragon’s Heart – Raul & Claire
  3.   The Christmas Dragon’s Love – Jonathan & Angel

A Mate For Christmas

  1.   A Mate for the Christmas Dragon – Jasper & Abby
  2.   Christmas Hellhound – Caine & Meaghan

Lost Dragons

  1.   A Mate For The Dragon – Stefan & Holly
  2.   Fated For The Dragon –  Isaak & Josie
  3.   Destined For The Dragon –
  4.   A Bride For The Dragon –

Green Valley Shifters (Elva Birch writing as Zoe Chant)

  1.   Dancing Bearfoot –  Patricia & Lee
  2.   The Tiger Next Door –  Andrea & Shaun
  3.   Dandelion Season – Tawny & Damien
  4.   Bearly Together – Shelley & Dean
  5.   Broken Lynx – Jamie & Devon

Shifter Dads

  1.   The Red Dragon’s Baby – Katie & Ronan
  2.   The Midnight Dragon’s Mate – Lachlan & Cam

Silver Shifters

  1.   Silver Dragon – Mikhail & Bird
  2.   Silver Fox – Joey & Doris
  3.   Silver Unicorn – Nikos & Jen

Hideaway Cove

  1.   The Griffin’s Mate – Lainie & Harrison
  2.   The Sea Wolf’s Mate – Jacqueline & Ario

Fae Shifter Knights (Elva Birch writing as Zoe Chant)

  1.   Dragon of Glass – Trey & Daniella
  2.   Gryphon of Glass –

Outback Shifters

  1.   Hector – Myrtle & Hector
  2.   Callan – Ella & Callan

Virtue Shifters (C. E. Murphy writing as Zoe Chant)

  1.   Timber Wolf – Jake & Mabs

Shifter Bites (short ‘n sweet)

Shifter Vets

  1. Unicorn Vet
  2. Bear Vet
  3. Winged Wolf Vet

Stand Alone Titles in Shifter Bites

And the Stand Alone stories (that may or may not connect in time)

  • Wild Flight





**As you can see, there is quite the book list to be enjoyed – *sigh* and I have so many yet to read and review, let alone the new ones coming out… although not such a horrible reading chore, right?  *wink**