Stoneheart Lion by Zoe Chant

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She’s a shifter fixer who can fix anything … except herself.

Exiled from her clan, jaguar shifter Max is a P.I. who handles unique shifter problems. Incriminating photos, blackmail, mate problems? Max helps others solve their problems because there is no cure for her own loneliness. At least none that she knows.

But she’s never had a problem like him before …

He never had a problem he couldn’t solve … until now.

After an unwanted shifter transformation, Gio is on the run, at the mercy of a shattered animal he can’t talk to, staying one step ahead of magical assassins who want to tear him apart to get at the secret inside him. He can’t fix this.

But maybe she can: the beautiful woman with eyes he could fall into. The damaged yet kind and resilient woman that his unwanted, half-bonded lion keeps wanting him to touch.

The only woman who can show him what it means to have a true mate—if he can protect her from the danger pursuing them both.

Titles in the Stone Shifters series include — Stoneskin Dragon —♥— Stonewing Guardian —♥— Stoneheart Lion —♥—

Stone Shifters is a spin-off series of Bodyguard Shifters series, which includes –  Bearista —♦— Pet Rescue Panther —♦— Bear in a Bookshop —♦— Day Care Dragon —♦— Bull in a Tea Shop —♦— Dancer Dragon —♦—

This is an adult, 18+ story that may include violence, strong language, and sexual situations geared to that audience.

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Title:  Stoneheart Lion
Series:  Stone Shifters #3
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  May 14, 2023
My Rating:  4.5

Stoneheart Lion concludes the Stone Shifters series with the story that I wanted… and so much more.  I’ve loved this spin-off series from the Bodyguard Shifters world, and Gio’s involvement in these stories has always had me wishing to know more about this man.  In this final story of the series, I was granted that wish, and I didn’t think I could love this man more… I was wrong.  So, it’s a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to the Stone Shifter men and their mates, but what a way to wrap up all the loose threads into such an amazing story.

Gio is a wealthy man with a passion for knowledge.  He counts some gargoyle shifters as his closest friends and has been helpful to them in their darkest hours.  But he could never have imagined that his world would be turned upside down when he suddenly is transformed into a stone lion, and the magical amulet that crazed cultists are seeking has literally bonded into his body.  Now on the run with an animal that he didn’t want and cannot communicate with, fearful of returning home where danger awaits him, and reluctant to go to his friends and their mates for help, he will turn to a woman with an unusual career… a fixer of sorts, a fixer of shifter problems.  Yet, meeting Max only adds a new dimension to his troubles, for this jaguar shifter with her own issues is his mate, and now they are both in extreme danger.

Stoneheart Lion was the perfect conclusion to a series.  While giving us a steamy tense love story, it also delivers romantic suspense as Gio and Max search out answers to their problems, and find unexpected help in the place that it never occurred to Max to seek.  We get answers to questions known, and details that were unknown as to the why of things that have happened in this series.  And we’ll meet up with old friends and familiar faces once again.  My only regret in this series was that there weren’t more stories, for I’ve loved this world and am reluctant to leave it.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Available for the Kindle as this title is currently in KU


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