Day Care Dragon by Zoe Chant

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“Put me down, you … thing!” 

… were not the first words Loretta expected to say to the love of her life. Look, you try having a dragon snatch you out of a burning building when all you’re wearing is a towel.

He just saved her life. Why doesn’t she look happy about it? 

Billionaire dragon shifter Darius is a man in control—of his business, his family, his life. But stubborn, outspoken, redheaded Loretta and the rowdy preschoolers at her day care are about to turn his well-ordered life upside down. The fire at Loretta’s apartment was no accident, and the closer he keeps her, the safer she’ll be. But Loretta’s not about to let anyone treat her like a treasure to be locked up for safekeeping. 

Even if two stubborn people can overcome the odds and fall in love, it’s going to take all Darius’s strength and Loretta’s wits to keep a dangerous enemy from sending their chances at a happy ending up in smoke. 

Titles in the Bodyguard Shifters series include:  Bearista – Pet Rescue Panther – Bear in a Bookshop – Day Care Dragon – Bull in a Tea Shop –

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Title:  Day Care Dragon
Series:  Bodyguard Shifters #4
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  October 28, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s time for Darius to be the focus in Day Care Dragon, the fourth title in the Bodyguard Shifters series.  Darius has been in the background of this series, pulling strings, roaring his displeasure, being… Darius.  Now we’ll get a better look at the head of this ragtag clan, finally understand why he is such a stern, determined, even ruthless dragon shifter.  And he does have his reasons which are heartbreaking.

Loretta is celebrating her 40-something birthday — well, sorta celebrating for this day is certainly turning out to be a combination of oh crap, and oh, wow.  In a matter of moments she will go from a dull, boring routine as a day care worker barely skimming by to being rescued from a fire, thrust into danger, mystery, mayhem and a man who isn’t all man that claims she is his destiny.  Yeah.  Right.  Perfect day.

Darius is such a totally unique combination of old world arrogance and complete cluelessness that it’s charming and frustrating in the same moment.  We began to get a hint of the sort of person Darius “could” be in previous stories.  But with his mate at his side the turning of this arrogant jerk into a likable man is complete.  If anything, Loretta will keep Darius grounded and open his eyes to doing things a bit differently in the future.  Day Care Dragon is full of contradictions in the best possible meaning… from the sight of Darius with a baby in his arms to his terrifying anger, from wide eyed panic in a dragon’s eyes at a group of seemingly unstoppable enemies to the look of love in Loretta’s eyes as she truly sees her mate.  This was an amazing journey, one that I will not soon forget.  Now to look forward to Maddox’s story soon.

There is real danger in Day Care Dragon, and there is delightful humor as well.  As we learn more of Darius’ past we get a better feel for the man, the dragon circumstances have made… and he’s got the perfect mate in Loretta who will tell him the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.  I loved my time back in this world and would recommend this story or the entire Bodyguard Shifters series to any reader who enjoys a good love story, moments of sexy passion, some chuckles, some knuckle whitening tensions and a visit with old friends.  Day Care Dragon has it all, and I’d suggest that, if you can, you read the series in order for some things do flow from one story to the next.  In my opinion.

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