Stone, Sarah J.

Sarah J. Stone is a relatively new to me author.  I love finding new authors to follow.  To be fair, not all Shifter Romance authors are ones that I’ll follow.  We all have our preferred style of reading.  I like sex as much as the next reader – but I want the sex to be part of the overall story, not a story tossed around excessive, if hot, sex.  And yes… there is a definite difference.  So although I read a lot of authors, not everyone of them is going to end up with their own page so that I can follow along and catalog my reading history with them.  Only the ones that I truly enjoy.

It took me one short book to become hooked on Sarah J. Stone’s works – and now I have one series to finish up and a back list to explore.  Always a happy chore for this reader.  If you’re  looking for her website – well, I’ve only found her Facebook page so far and it’s over there –>  Sarah J. Stone

If you haven’t discovered her yet, pick up one of her stories.  I think you’ll enjoy what you find.

Titles reviewed here at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

Wolf Mountain Peak

  1.   A Wolf’s Heart
  2.   A Wolf’s Desire
  3.   A Wolf’s Touch
  4.   A Wolf’s Embrace

Wolves of West Valley

  1.   White Star – Carter & Willow

Shadow Claw

  1.   Saved By Alpha Bear – Luke & Cassie
  2.   Desired By Alpha Bear – Kevin & Nina
  3.   Loved By Alpha Wolf – Fergus & Diana
  4.   The Broken Barrier – Ammara & Kalen
  5.   Shift in Power –
  6.   Abandoned Witch –
  7.   The Hidden Truth –

The Hills

  1.   Shifter’s Heart

Exiled Dragons

  1.   Betrayed by a Dragon
  2.   Saved by a Dragon
  3.   Loved by a Dragon
  4.   Desired by a Dragon
  5.   Touched by a Dragon
  6.   Seeking The Dragon
  7.   Journey To India

Stratham Dragons

  1.   Aris
  2.   Ilias

Sons of Terra

  1.   The Guardian Mikhail