Loved by Alpha Wolf by Sarah J. Stone

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For ten years, Fergus thought his mate was dead. But with the sudden appearance of the Council leader, he finds out that not only is the love of his life alive, but she is being kept as a prisoner. He is able to find her, but she has no memories of him.
Diana remembers nothing aside from the darkness and the pain. When the silver wolf she has been seeing in her dreams turns out to be the one who rescues her, she doesn’t know how to react.

The two of them are forced into a race against time as her abduction turns out to be more than a simple act. With someone on the inside helping the enemy, it seems that betrayal is behind every corner.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Shadow Claw series include:  Saved by Alpha BearDesired by Alpha BearLoved by Alpha Wolf –

Title:  Loved by Alpha Wolf
Series:  Shadow Claw #3
Author:  Sarah J. Stone
Published:  March 6, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

In the previous story, Desired by Alpha Bear, Nina had announced that there were three more Council members to be found and brought together to reform the disbanded Council.  One of those to be found was Alpha wolf, Fergus’ mate Diana.  For ten years Fergus had believed that his mate was dead to discover that she was alive and held prisoner was beyond devastating to this proud man.  Following a map that Nina provided, Fergus and two of his pack mates set out on a desperate journey to rescue Diana.  What they found was beyond horrid and sets up the continuation of the vast corruption of this world.

Diana knew only pain and despair.  For longer than she’d been able to keep track of time she’d been in this torture chamber’s cell, waiting to be taken once again, questioned for information she simply did not have while they once more found new and old ways to bring her more pain, more torture until she either gave up the answers or died.  She often wished for death, but that release was denied her.  The one thing that kept her somewhat sane was the constant dreams of a silver wolf, and his presence in her mind remained a constant.  Diana had no memory of her life before this place.  She couldn’t have told her abusers what they demanded even if she wanted.  Now she’s almost beyond broken and prays for death.

Loved by Alpha Wolf is simply heartbreaking.  Even as Diana recovers, the pain that both she and her mate suffer will make your own heart bleed.  I have read countless it seems Shifter Romances, yet Fergus and Diana’s bond is one of the most touching and for the situation, realistic example of what mates should be.  Fergus is full of guilt, hurting that the woman he loves beyond life has no memory of them, and learning how to help her survive this nightmare.  He’ll make mistakes, but they are ones that come from loving someone so much that anything they need is not an impossible task.  Diana’s recovery is full of anger and rage, confusion and yet security in the man who is her mate.  Her trust will be hard earned, but the bond that is between them has remaining threads that push her onward to her own destiny.

We will run into old friends once again as their own journeys continue.  New and even deadlier villains will be brought into the picture.  And betrayals that will hurt so deeply.  One is suspected, the other took me by surprise as I had a different character in mind.  I enjoyed Fergus and Diana’s story.  It is an emotionally charged story, one that will hold you firmly in it’s grip until the final page.  We’re given a slight glimpse at the next story in this series, and that one certainly has my curiosity running high.  I would recommend this story and this series to any lover of Paranormal Romance.  The love is strong, definitely sexy moments, the danger is terrifyingly real and the journey continues.

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