The Jaguar’s Beach Bride by Zoe Chant

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The Jaguar's Beach BrideTitle:  The Jaguar’s Beach Bride
Series:  Shifters of Coral Beach #1
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  June 19, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Mina Kinney loves working at her little store down by the beach, but now she owes money she doesn’t have. With a loan shark knocking down her door, what’s a girl to do? That’s when childhood friend—and crush—Brennan Dawson comes into her shop, and suddenly she can’t stop thinking about his gorgeous green eyes and sexy smile.

Coming home after all of these years, Brennan never expected his childhood friend’s little sister to transform into the beautiful woman she is now. The moment he sees Mina, he knows she’s his mate. But she doesn’t know he’s a jaguar shifter, a secret Brennan isn’t sure Mina will fully accept.

Right as Mina and Brennan get closer, the loan shark won’t take no for an answer. Mina finds herself in grave danger, and in the aftermath, secrets are revealed. Will Mina and Brennan find their happily ever after? Or will the tides of fate wash away their newly found love?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Read on for my thoughts on The Jaguar’s Beach Bride.

Mina has gotten herself into some really hot water – and we’re not talking ocean warm either.  Her small, independent beach shop is in big debt and when her friend recommended someone who could loan her the money she needed to get back on her feet – well, they failed to mention just what kind of a loan this would be.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Not the kind from the bank, let’s say.  And the lender wanted their  money back.  Now.  And they would use any means to get it.

Brennan is back in Coral Beach, setting up an office for his firm.  It didn’t take more than a minute to be back in the presence of his childhood friend to realize that this lovely, grown up Mina was his mate.  Now all he had to do was explain about his jaguar and life would be good.  Yeah.  Well, best laid plans and all that.

It didn’t take long for Brennan to find out that Mina was in trouble.  Walking in on someone threatening her made his jaguar furious, but he kept his cool, for the moment.  Stubborn woman that she was, Mina only reluctantly explained what was happening.  But she didn’t need his help, she’d be fine.  That lasted until the dark hours of early morning when she called him in a panic hearing someone in her home.  Sometimes a little fear helps you see reality a whole lot clearer.  As Brennan and Mina turn toward each other, more than a sexual release is building between them.  Brennan will do anything to protect his mate – and Mina will trust one special man with everything she is.

The Jaguar’s Beach Bride is a fun, sexy story.  Mina is the little sister of a friend who always was around and now as an adult is fighting to be seen far differently by the man she’d had a young crush on.  Brennan realized he’d been waiting for Mina to grow up, and his jaguar knew his mate was in danger and would do everything to protect her.  The heat index is definitely sizzlin’ between the main couple, and the bad guy is just slimy enough to be a nasty villain.  This was a great start to a new series, and I’m definitely looking forward to Mina’s brother getting a taste of the romance dance for himself.  It should be interesting.

If you love Shifter Romance then The Jaguar’s Beach Bride should be on your reading radar.  A fun story, sexy mates and enough danger to keep things sharp.  I’m thinking you’d enjoy this journey..

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