Jaguar’s Joy by Zoe Chant

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Sheriff Misty Dale wants nothing more than to keep her town safe and happy. A deer shifter isn’t the first thing people would expect for law enforcement, but she’s made it work—even if she’s ended up middle-aged and married to her job. But a dangerous wolf pack has been causing trouble in town, and Misty’s struggling to maintain law and order. 

Jaguar shifter and Marine veteran Ty Neal has dedicated his life to helping other people’s families. He’s helped raised six nieces and nephews—in his spare time from his job as a social worker. Now the kids are grown up and he’s realizing that he’s never made time for a family of his own. 

When Ty saves Misty from a violent attack, he quickly realizes that he’s found what he was looking for. A brave woman, a beautiful wilderness town, and a growing pack of veterans and their kids? It’s exactly what he needs. Now he just has to show Misty that they can build this community together—and that love is right here waiting for her. 

This is an Adult 18+ story which contains strong language and sexual situations involving mates.

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Veteran Shifters is a spin-off of the Glacier Leopards series.  In this new series, you’ll often meet up with old friends as we meet new people in this tight-knit community.  For a list of titles in the Glacier Leopards series please visit the Zoe Chant page.

Title:  Jaguar’s Joy
Series:  Veteran Shifters #5
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  December 23, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Finally the last holdout Marine makes his way to Glacier, Montana.  He thinks it’s just a forced vacation from his stressful job as a social worker in Los Angeles… he’s about to find out why all of his friends and former Marines can’t leave this place, or their mates.  Ty is coming home.

We are very familiar with Misty, Sheriff of this small community that is full of shifters, yet separate in mindset more often than not.  She’s been successful in taking down a wolf pack’s illegal activities with just one more adult to bring in… and wouldn’t you know that just when she needed backup the most her mate would stride right into the middle of the chaos.  Misty is trying to keep the kids of the wolf pack out of jail.  It’s enough that their fathers are paying for their crimes.  If she can just find the way to turn these kids away from that life she’ll be satisfied… even though the kids and their mothers look at her efforts with rude suspicions.  The answer to that problem is right in front of Misty.  In her mate, in the group of friends that help to make up this community… and in the people themselves.

I loved “Jaguar’s Joy”.  It’s a lovely romance, the perfect wrap-up story for both the ‘Veteran Shifter’ and the ‘Glacier Leopards’ series.  Although I’ve learned to never say it’s the final story for any of Zoe Chant’s series, this one feels like the ending.  We’ll meet up with all of the couples we’ve met in Veteran Shifters and briefly with some of the shifters from ‘Glacier Leopards’.  So, yeah, it feels like the end for this amazing group of shifters.  I’ve enjoyed myself so much in this world — and who knows, maybe we’ll run into them again one day.  If you haven’t yet visited this intriguing world I’d highly recommend any of the stories but you should probably start with ‘Glacier Leopards’, in my opinion.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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