Her Jaguar’s Temptation by Zoe Chant

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Mandy Baynett thinks her chance to find love is long over. When her high-school boyfriend abandoned her with a baby to raise, she had to grow up fast and set her personal desires aside. Now her daughter is off to college, and Mandy is going to do something nice for herself for a change: a vacation in the beautiful beach town of Los Cazadores. But she didn’t expect to meet a gorgeous Latino baker, tempting her with tasty treats … and more! 

Jaguar shifter Nicolas Roja has built a successful business in the form of a cozy café, but all he really wants is a mate and a family to call his own. Just when he’s given up on love, his one true mate walks through the door! But she’s only here to visit Los Cazadores, not to stay … and since she isn’t a shifter, she doesn’t recognize the fated attraction pulling them together. 

Mandy doesn’t want to trust Nico with her wounded heart, but she’s never been drawn to anyone the way she’s drawn to him. Every delectable touch whets her appetite for more. Can Nico convince Mandy to take a chance on love, or will she let the bitterness of her past starve her of a future? 

A Single title book… at this time, once can always hope for a series one day.  🙂

Title:  Her Jaguar’s Temptation
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  September 10, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s stories like Her Jaguar’s Temptation that originally fed my addiction to Shifter Romance, which is now simply my preferred reading material genre.  I went back through the listing of Ms Chant’s books to be certain this wasn’t attached to an earlier book… but I’d certainly like to meet more citizens of the town of Los Cazadores.

Mandy’s daughter has given her the vacation of a life time.  With Aimee an adult now, making her own success path, Mandy is able to take her up on this fully paid for vacation and simply relax.  As a single mother who worked hard and devoted her life to raising her child, unlike the father who ran, Mandy certainly deserves a bit of relaxation… and maybe some romance..

Nico loves his life in Los Cazadores.  He has good friends, the ability to let his jaguar roam when he wants to and his deli/restaurant where he indulges his love of baking unusual treats and feeding his customers, and friends, well.  The only thing missing is to find his mate… and she just walked in the door.  Human, unable to feel the same instant draw that Nico does but Mandy is intrigued and tempted.  Now if only Mandy’s pesky problems from back home would leave her alone for her vacation of a life time.

Her Jaguar’s Temptation is fun, steamy and has just enough of a touch of drama and danger.  The story may be shortish, but it certainly packs a powerful reading punch.  I loved Nico and Mandy together, and I believe you would as well.  I’d recommend this story for any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader… and I’m hoping to find more stores set in this lovely town.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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