A Snow Leopards’ Christmas by Zoe Chant

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Christmas is coming, and everything is going wrong… 

Lillian Lowell has a problem. She’s newly mated to the Glacier leopards’ pack leader, snow leopard shifter Cal Westland, which makes her the…she’s not sure what. Den mother? Whatever her job title is, she wants to live up to it, so she’s throwing the best Christmas party she can plan. But she’s two months pregnant, and suddenly even the simplest tasks seem impossible. She needs help–but she doesn’t want to admit it. And for some reason, Cal is making himself scarce. 

Alethia Landin has a different problem. She wants to have a merry Christmas, and enjoy the time with her pack–but she can barely look at Lillian right now, because all she’s wanted for over a year is a baby, and it’s not happening. Every month with no good news brings her and her mate, Grey, down further into the dumps. She’s not proud of how jealous she is of Lillian, but it’s hard to overcome. Will this ruin Christmas? 

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. Can the Glacier pack come together and help each other through their problems? Does someone really mean it when they say they don’t want a present? How many Pinterest decorations is too many? And will someone get a baby for Christmas? 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Glacier Snow Leopards include:  The Snow Leopard’s Mate – The Snow Leopard’s Baby – The Snow Leopard’s Home – The Snow Leopard’s Heart – The Snow Leopard’s Pack – A Snow Leopards’ Christmas

Title:  A Snow Leopards’ Christmas
Series:  Glacier Snow Leopards #6
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  November 11, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love when authors give us a special Christmas story for their series, this is something Zoe Chant does yearly for many of her series.  Just like any holiday gathering of friends and family, they give me a chance to catch up with couples I’ve come to like over the course of their series… or meet new lovers.

A Snow Leopards’ Christmas is a gathering of the pack celebration, and a situation that has probably been duplicated throughout the ages in some variation.  Lillian is newly mated to the pack’s alpha.  And in the early months of her first pregnancy as well.  She’s got all-day morning sickness, she’s so sleepy all the time and tired, how did she get to be so tired so easily.  But she is determined to put together a wonderful Christmas for her pack.  After all, she’s the alpha’s mate so it falls to her to take care of their people.  She’d had visions of decorating, planning, cooking and laughing with her mate, Cal.  But it’s awfully busy at the ranger station right now so she’s doing this all on her own.  And it’s all falling apart on her.

This story broke my heart and put it right back together again.  I’ve faced Christmas preparations while pregnant – and it is nothing like the movies, it’s hard so perhaps I had a bit more empathy for Lillian’s situation.  While I wanted to sit Cal and Alethia down for a seriously stern conversation, I couldn’t for I “got” their reasoning even if I didn’t agree with it.  We get a little glimpse into each couple’s current situation, how they’re doing as couples and we get a lovely sense of the strength, loyalty and caring of a pack.  Once a problem is known it can be handled, and Lillian might not know her title within this group, but she is obviously well loved by all..

I loved A Snow Leopards’ Christmas so much, it gave me a few tears and lots of smiles… and perhaps a hint of what may come in the future.  We’ll see on that, but I’ve got fingers crossed for certain.  If you enjoy a good love story, a sense of a well organized group that truly cares for each other, then you’d enjoy this story.  I’d recommend this one and the entire series to any Romance reader, no matter their preferred genre… it’s simply that good.

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