Tropical Lion’s Legacy by Zoe Chant

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He’s looking for forgiveness. 
She’s looking for a fighting chance. 

Graham Long left his career—and his real name—behind to make a fresh start for himself at Shifting Sands. He’s done with dueling and wants nothing more than to quietly raise his strawberries and tend the lawns at the tropical shifters-only resort. 

A fight is the last thing he wants when his lion insists that his friend’s bear shifter bridesmaid is his destined mate. 

But fiercely independent Alice Anders has a life of her own already. She’s not going to turn her back on the people who need her and the job she loves just to run away to a tropical island paradise with a gorgeous gardener that makes her knees weak with one blue-eyed glance. She’s not at the resort to find her own true love… and she’s not there only as a bridesmaid, either. She’s been given a fighting chance to save her family: all she has to do is uncover the shift form of the mysterious resort owner, Scarlet, for an equally mysterious man for whom money is no object. 

Between the secrets they’re keeping and the answers they’re searching for, it’s a hard road to honesty, and a harder road still to a happy ever after. 

Can Graham keep ahead of the enemies from his past? Will Alice figure out who he really is… and if she does, will she ever be able to forgive him for the things he’s done and the secrets he’s keeping from her? 

This is an adult 18+ title.  It contains language, violence and sexual situations geared toward a mature audience.

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** Just an FYI The Master Shark’s Mate, a title from the Fire & Rescue Shifters series by Zoe Chant is a crossover title in the Shifting Sands Resort series.  It would be best read between Tropical Wounded Wolf and Tropical Bartender Bear**

Title:  Tropical Lion’s Legacy
Series:  Shifting Sands Resort #9
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  April 29, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s hard to believe, or accept that we are at the wrapping up point in the Shifting Sands Resort series with only one more major story to be told.  I have loved all of the stories of this diverse group of shifters who have found a home, friends and their mates on this tropical isle.  And, truth be told, I don’t really want to see it end.

Graham has been a background character for most of this series.  The silent, grumbly, always annoyed gardener who speaks mostly when his vegetables or flowers have been disturbed or destroyed by other members of the staff.  I always felt that there had to be quite a story behind this silent man with the tortured eyes – I don’t think I was quite ready for Graham’s reality.  His story is full of pain, betrayal, self-loathing and loneliness.  That his view of himself is not seen in the eyes of everyone else is a puzzle to him.  Yet meeting his mate throws his life into turmoil, for now, decisions have to be made and the truth, the absolute truth finally told.

It took me a while to warm up to Alice.  After all, she was there not only for her friend’s wedding but to discover Scarlet’s secret for her own gain.  Oh, I understood why, it was her initial reaction to Graham and their connection that held me back – but eventually her actions won me over.

Since TROPICAL LION’S LEGACY is the next to last story there are a lot of details of formerly withheld information in this story, so much so that I hesitate to talk about it for fear of giving away spoilers.  I think I’m simply going to say that I loved Graham and Alice’s story, enjoyed seeing old friends and catching up on their lives, and although I don’t want to reach the actual “the end” of this series I am looking forward to the rest of the answers being revealed in TROPICAL DRAGON’S DESTINY.  You’ll find a touching, sexy romance, meet up with old friends, and add some suspense to the final story to come.  I had a blast, and if you love a good Shifter Romance then I’d happily recommend this story and the entire series for you’ll soon be addicted and need to know more after each book.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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