Silver Dragon by Zoe Chant

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You’re never too old for love… 

Dragon knight Mikhail has spent many years of his life in the pursuit of duty. But when his latest mission sends him to a sleepy California beach town, he’s shocked to come across a murder in progress. And even more, shocked to realize (after plummeting from the sky to save the day) that it’s four older women in a writing group acting out a scene from a murder mystery. 

But that’s nothing to how he feels when the “murder victim” looks into his eyes… and he knows that the beautiful gray-haired woman is his mate. 

Bird Worcester used to write children’s books before a bitter divorce separated her from her beloved son and daughter. Twenty-seven years later, she’s still picking up the pieces. But when a handsome, silver-haired stranger literally drops into her life, she finds that her heart just might still be alive after all. 

But years of lonely solitude and their very different lives aren’t their only obstacles. There’s also the little matter of Mikhail’s dangerous mission...

Titles in this so far un-named series include — Silver Dragon – Silver Fox –

This is an adult, 18+ story with language, possible violence and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

Title:  Silver Dragon
Series:  un-named at this time
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  March 18, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

SILVER DRAGON has all the earmarks of the beginning story in a series, we even know that one of the most charming secondary characters ever, Joey the nine-tailed fox will have his story told in SILVER FOX in the near future — so like many stories from Zoe Chant what first appears as a single title may one day have an official series title… I certainly hope so for this one is fascinating in so many beautiful ways.

I loved Bird’s friends, a group of women writers in their, what is considered by many, older years often meet to help stage and photograph the eldest’s (at a spry 82) covers for her mystery novels.  On this day they are on the beach about to commit murder most foul when surprisingly a man steps in to save the “murder victim”.  Quickly realizing his mistake, Mikhail must come up with some fast talking explanations as to how he simply seemed to appear on this deserted beach to come to an imaginary rescue.  And although he certainly cannot simply say he was in his dragon from flying overhead when he saw a crime he does come up with a sidestepping reason… all the while fully aware that the victim he saved is his mate.  A mate that at his advanced years, even for a Dragon Knight, he never thought he’d ever experience the joy and privilege of finding.

Bird is a wonderful character, and I fell for her from the very start.  She is a victim of a manipulative, entitled piece of garbage who isn’t worthy of cleaning dog crap off of her shoes… yet this human monster has stripped Bird of everything that is of emotional value, and some physical value, in her life.  He’s ruined and stolen her career as a children’s books author and illustrator, he’s broken her spirit having her believe she is worthless, and in the divorce proceedings he managed to get control of their children and systematically worked his evil until she was separated from them for 27 years, only recently being reunited by her children’s efforts.  Bartholomew is a piece of excrement and I actually did a fist-pump when Bird finally was strong enough through Mikhail’s love and support to put her ex firmly in his place.

I’m going to rein myself in because my thoughts on SILVER DRAGON and the amazing characters within could go on for quite a while.  There are certainly mystical evil bad guys to fight, and the groundwork for the continuation of a series is firmly in place… but this time it was the love between two older, perhaps world-weary characters that captured my heart and my attention.  There is no magical age when love no longer exists, whether that means emotional or physical… love happens when it’s supposed to and to put a time limit on that is simply cruel I have always thought.  Mikhail and Bird prove that love can come along at any age, and it’s just as wonderful – if not more appreciated for having to wait so long.

No matter your own age, pick up SILVER DRAGON to discover a love story that will warm your heart, bring you tears of sadness and happiness, make you smile and laugh out loud, cheer a bit, enjoy some steamy moments and simply fall in love.  I had a blast and would recommend this one for any Romance reader.  Now I need Joey’s story that handsome SILVER FOX.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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