Her Christmas Phoenix by Zoe Chant

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All she wants for Christmas is a sizzling hot shifter… and a flock of movie-quoting penguins.

Avery loves working in Antarctica, but when she winds up spending the holidays alone at her research station, it’s hard to find any Christmas cheer. Then there’s the cascade of unwanted–and unclothed–photos guys on her dating site keep sending her. (Of all the things in the world to deck with boughs of holly…)

It’s been a rough year. She just wanted something merry and bright.

He’s her perfect gift. She’s his perfect match.

Ice phoenix Emmett Frost is used to being alone for the holidays… and the non-holidays. He’s the guardian of all Antarctica, and that’s a duty he’ll never give up. So that means being lonely, right? No one else would want to spend their life at the South Pole. At least he can talk to all the Antarctic animals… although turning the penguins into big movie fans might have been a mistake. (Who knew they’d wind up so obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock?)

Then he meets Avery, a smart, curvy penguin researcher who blows his mind. Emmett’s just supposed to keep her company for Christmas, but soon he wants to keep her company forever. She’s his true mate, and he has to figure out how to tell her—and how to start believing he might deserve her.

It would all be easier if they didn’t have to deal with opinionated penguins and a rampaging polar bear that doesn’t seem to realize it’s on the wrong continent. But then, the holidays are busy for everyone…

This is a Stand-Alone Title in the Zoe Chant Universe… although, there are always possibilities. 🙂

This is an adult 18+ title.  It contains language, violence, and sexual situations geared toward a mature audience.

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Title:  Her Christmas Phoenix
Series:  Stand-Alone Title
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  December 15, 2020
My Rating:  4.5

Although Her Christmas Phoenix is a stand-alone title right now, I’m curious about the other guardian phoenixes that patrol and guard other areas — so, I’m hoping that this idea gets expended, even if it’s only for the holidays.

Emmett and Avery quickly captured my imagination.  The remote beauty of Antarctica shines through quite clearly, but also the isolation, the loneliness of the paths this couple has chosen for their life’s work – each by choice, even if it seems that Emmett could have refused, it isn’t in his personality to do so.  I chuckled throughout at the antics of the penguins we meet and one very special fox.  And there is such unique vileness to the villain here that can make your skin crawl very easily.

While I liked and admired Avery, it was Emmett’s sense of innocence that really captured me in Her Christmas Phoenix.  The danger they are in is so well played out, beneath the surface, merely hinted at throughout the majority of their story – but when it hit there was never a doubt of how much trouble and danger this couple was in.

I enjoyed myself immensely in this world, and I do hope that we will get to discover another guardian phoenix at some point in time.  Avery and Emmett’s story will capture not only your imagination but your emotions as well… and give your chuckle responses a very good workout.

I own a Kindle edition of Her Christmas Phoenix.