Dandelion Season by Zoe Chant

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Love in any season 

Tawny Summers has her retirement all planned out: catch up on her books, work on her garden, and teach piano lessons to children in the sleepy town of Green Valley. 

Her plan doesn’t include a gorgeous city billionaire with piercing silver eyes who is determined to upend her quiet life and frighten her cats. 

Lion shifter Damien Powell gave his family up for hopelessly broken decades ago. Now he finds himself drawn to a tiny country town to try to mend fences with his son and build a relationship with his precocious lion shifter grandson… and meets his mate at the worst party of his life. 

Suddenly, he’s faced with book clubs and nosy neighbors instead of board rooms and lawsuits, and stubborn, set-in-her-ways Tawny refuses his gifts and challenges his expectations at every turn. 

Can a city lion find a home with a country spinster? Can he convince her that it’s not too late for true love? 

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Green Valley Shifters series include —  Dancing Bearfoot – The Tiger Next Door – Dandelion Season – Bearly Together – Broken Lynx –

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Title:  Dandelion Season
Series:  Green Valley Shifters #3
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  February 23, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

DANDELION SEASON is the third title in the Green Valley Shifters series, and this one is more of a Shifter’s Seasoned Romance as our main couple this time are older, maybe wiser, but certainly just as sexy (if not more so).  I, personally, am loving seeing the Seasoned Romance genre showing up in Paranormal Romance – love or sex doesn’t stop at a certain age and it’s a joy to see that represented in this Paranormal/Shifter Romance.

I adored Tawny from the start.  This is her final day of work, retirement is only one delivery away and then she can spend time in her garden, read and enjoy herself.  She has no regrets, and I loved her attitude from the first page.  It took me a little longer to warm up to Damien.  He comes off as an arrogant, know-it-all — yet, Tawny brings out another side of him, and since he’s finally found his mate he’s mellowing a bit but certainly needs some help along the way.  Remember young Trevor from THE TIGER NEXT DOOR?  Well, Damien is his grandfather, and watching this grandpa and grandson learn some lessons from each other is priceless.

DANDELION SEASON doesn’t have bad guys, it does have two adults adjusting to loving someone, making compromises, learning how to give and take with pride still intact.  Yes, there is sizzle, but there are also laugh-out-loud moments as Damien makes some major attitude adjustments and learns how to really show his love for his mate and his family.

I enjoyed myself in this world once again.  It was such fun to run into old friends once again and to see how they are doing in their own new happy endings.  I’m diving into BEARLY TOGETHER next since I want to see Damien’s daughter learn a few lessons about love, bending and letting loose from her own mate.  She is a chip off the ole block, if not more strict and straightlaced.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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