Defender Dragon by Zoe Chant

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Defender DragonTitle:  Defender Dragon
Series:  Protection, Inc #2
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  September 12, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Lucas is a prince and a dragon shifter who left his country to become a bodyguard at Protection, Inc. Then his past caught up with him, forcing him home for an arranged marriage to a princess who isn’t his mate. Neither of them wants the match, but they can’t escape it… unless one of them finds their true mate first.

Journey Jacobson is a free-spirited backpacker traveling the world. When she runs out of money, it looks like her adventuring days have come to an end. Then she attends a lavish ball to celebrate the upcoming engagement of Prince Lucas.

Sparks fly between Lucas and Journey until she flees at midnight, leaving behind nothing but a shoe. Lucas sets out to find his mate, but that’s just the beginning of his quest. Can he protect her from the mysterious assassins trying to kill her? And can restless Journey and lonely Lucas take the biggest risk of their adventurous lives, and open their wounded hearts to love?

Dragon shifters are extremely hot and sexy, and they love their mates – a lot – so, 18+ readers

Read on for my thoughts on Defender Dragon.

Lucas knew that he was running out of time.  He tried to say goodbye, but… he hadn’t exactly been forthcoming about his heritage or rank with his co-workers at Protection, Inc.  He always thought there would be enough time but now he was out of time and on the way home.  Home to a palace, an arranged marriage, and to take his place as Crown Prince of his Kingdom.

Journey was winding up her time in this beautiful country, her charge had almost reached adulthood and then Journey’s job would be over.  But before she headed back out in the world to find the next undiscovered place to live she had the chance to go to an honest to goodness ball.  It was an honor to be able to attend this traditional ball and perhaps her charge was hoping to do a bit of flirting while away from her parents – but they would have one magical night to watch a true Prince and Princess mingle with their people.  Who wouldn’t love to experience that?

Lucas sensed her before he spotted her across the room – finally, his true mate, on tonight of all nights.  But there was still time, the announcement hadn’t been made yet, he hadn’t done his part to seal their futures… there was still time as he prayed that his true mate would recognize him as well.

Journey and Lucas realize just how much they mean to each other, but… so does someone else.  And that someone  doesn’t care if it takes a death for them to gain what they desire.

I loved Defender Dragon for it’s banter, the relationship between Journey and Lucas – and for the deepening drama that surrounds those that are a part of the family known as Protection, Inc.  I had many chuckles during the discovery of some very interesting dragon facts.  Gold, all that glitters.  I actually laughed out loud when discovering that once a dragon sleeps with any gold – it’s theirs.  You’ll see that particular part and I dare you to not get a chuckle out of Lucas’ reactions.

Journey and Lucas are unique characters with such a solid relationship.  We didn’t get much interaction with the other members of Protection, Inc. since most of Defender Dragon takes place in Lucas’ home country, but they are there in the background and when it counts they are there for their friend and his mate.  If you’re following the series you’ll also again be witness to something that seems to be a rite of passage for new mates of members of the agency and this group of friends.

In all, this is a great addition to the series.  If you love Shifters, drama, and involved story lines that twist and turn in very good ways – then this is a series and a story that you’ll want to pick up.

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