Putting The Heart Before The Horse by Zoe Chant

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Hope Callahan is ready for love, but she’s been burned by too many men who promise everything and deliver nothing. When she turns to a matchmaker to help her find the perfect man, she meets a smoking-hot stallion shifter who could run away with her heart. Hope knows he could be her true love, but he spooks her by jumping to marriage right out of the gate. 

Stallion shifter Josh Farris knows the instant he sees Hope that she’s his mate. But when his attempt to sweep her off her feet falls flat, he worries that she isn’t cut out for life on the ranch. What if introducing her to his huge family of horse shifters sends her running for the hills? 

Josh has to learn to take things slow and steady to have any chance of winning this race. But when acts of sabotage threaten the ranch, the alpha stallion has to defend his home and his mate. Can this relationship go the distance? 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Title:  Putting The Heart Before The Horse
Series:  –stand alone–
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  July 28, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

If you’re looking for a Shifter Romance to simply have fun with, then Putting The Heart Before The Horse is perfect for your reading pleasure.  There is room, and enough characters, for this story to grow into a series one day… as many of Ms Chant’s stories do.  Time will tell, but for now enjoy a lighthearted romance with one of the lesser seen shifters.

Josh is a rancher in a very small town – with a very large extended family.  He knows he’s not going to find his mate in town.  If he were then they would have met by now.  So he’s turning to a matchmaking site in the hopes that his mate is out there looking for him as well.  It looks promising when Hope agrees to meet with him, even if he does need to travel to Chicago to meet her.  Life is full of possibilities, and Josh is hoping that this time life is smiling on his dreams of a family of his own.

Hope is tired of the types of men she’s been dating.  Never quite good enough without changing herself, which she has no intention of doing or they’re simply loser.  How many guys bring their mother along on a date??  So she’s turned to a dating site not expecting much but hopeful that the research she’s done for the article she wrote about this site will prove that there is something to this matchmaking idea.  Josh is everything she could have hoped for in a date.  She’s never dated a shifter before, but he seems nice, even if he does throw the word “mate” around a lot.  The attraction is obviously strong on both sides and everything was going perfectly until he started telling her the details of their wedding… wait, what?

Hope and Josh are a sweet, likable couple.  While Josh might have come on a bit strong, Hope has decided to meet the family and see where things move from there.  Unfortunately, a neighbor’s dispute with the family brings a touch of danger into the picture.  One very large family, putting her foot in her mouth way too often and a guy with a gun.  An interesting introduction to her future.

I had such fun with Putting The Heart Before The Horse, and I believe you will as well.  Some danger, a large bunch of family at once and the growing feelings between Josh and Hope make for a fun, lighthearted romance.

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