Mountain Rescue Lion by Zoe Chant

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Outdoors-woman Cora Parker has bad luck with climbing partners and worse luck with men. After getting her heart broken one too many times, she’s given up on finding a partner she can rely on. She’s resigned herself to spending her life alone, doing what she loves: climbing dangerous mountains. But this is one mountain-climbing trip that will change her life forever. 

Mountain lion shifter Eric Peterson loves working as a park ranger. But with a job that means spending all his time in the wilderness, he’s given up on finding a mate who’ll want to share his life. Until he finds himself trapped in a cave with a woman who shares his love for nature… 

With a deadly storm lashing the mountain, Cora and Eric take shelter together—and share a night of scorching passion in their remote hideaway. But they’re not the only ones caught out by the weather. When Cora joins Eric in a search for a lost hiker, she begins to realize he might be the partner she’d been missing all her life. Will they be able to win the race against time… and find the love they’ve been looking for?

Although this title is not part of a series (at this time) – you can find the complete series and books listed here at Shifter Haven on the Zoe Chant page for any titles you may have missed.

Title:  Mountain Rescue Lion
Series:  — not at this time
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  October 7, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

While I can frankly say that I will enjoy any story that Zoe Chant delivers, Mountain Rescue Lion is uncharted territory for me.  It was not only an amazing romance but a fascinating look into a world that many people love with a passion – mountain climbing… the ones covered in snow and ice.  I barely make it through a Pennsylvania winter without breaking something on a fall involving snow or ice, so I’m impressed with people who are so passionate about the challenges this sport offers, let alone co-ordinate a rescue in less than ideal conditions.

Cora and Eric make a unique team, even though they’ve just met the attraction is strong.  While on a climb a storm hits that keeps them on the mountain overnight.  Upon their return to one of the camps on the mountain they discover that another climbing party  has encountered trouble – and left someone on the mountain.  The decision to go to this young man’s rescue is easy to make but life threatening to pull off.  Eric and Cora will not only face extreme dangers, they will also discover even more ties that will bind them.

Working together to save a life, and their own lives as well puts an intensity on this situation that is strongly described – you’ll feel like you’re on the mountain with Cora and Eric.  This was a fascinating adventure, as well as a touching and sexy love story.  I’d recommend Mountain Rescue Lion to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader who love a solid story, adventuring in to perhaps unknown territory and a great couple you’ll be cheering for.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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