The Easter Bunny’s Bear by Zoe Chant

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The Easter Bunny's BearTitle:  The Easter Bunny’s Bear
Author:  Zoe Chant
Published:  March 20, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Curvy Lisa Wilson should be happy running her own farm. She gives happiness to the children who visit her ponies – but Lisa has no one to make her happy. When mysterious, sexy Desmond Brown needs a room, she’s instantly attracted. But her heart’s been broken before when she revealed that she was a rabbit shifter. Can Desmond still love her if he finds out that she turns into a bunny?

Bear shifter Desmond Brown hunts down shifter criminals. He’s dedicated his life to this dangerous duty. Now he wants to finish one last job before he leaves the hunting life to search for a home and a mate for his bear. When fate leads him to Lisa’s pony farm instead, his bear immediately recognizes his mate.

But when criminal werewolves close in on him, Desmond isn’t the only one who’s in danger. Can he protect his mate and her farm against an entire werewolf pack? And can Lisa learn to accept her bunny and follow her heart to save her beloved bear?

Shifters are hot ‘n sexy, and they love nothing more than physically showing their mates just how much they love them – so, this tale is for 18+ readers.

Read on for my thoughts on The Easter Bunny’s Bear.

I love the diversity of Zoe Chant’s work, whether lighthearted or intensely suspenseful, I know I’m in for a great story.  The Easter Bunny’s Bear is a perfect example of what I mean.

I adored Desmond.  He’s a man of honor, a man who has given his best in order to keep humans and other shifters safe from the criminals that lie deep within any society.  It’s been his job for years to bring these scumbags to justice – but this is his last job.  He and his bear are looking for home, for a mate for something good in life besides the knowledge that people are safe because of his actions.  He didn’t expect to find his mate on the farm where he rented a room for a week while he searched the area for his last capture.  But his bear knew and was delighted.  Desmond was a bit more cautious but deep down he knew that Lisa was the one for him.  His instinct is to protect Lisa until this job is done.  He doesn’t want to bring her into danger because of what he does for a living — but that decision will be taken out of his hands.

Lisa loves her farm, the ponies, her stallion even the herd of sheep out in the meadows.  Giving joy to the kids who come to visit or stay at her farm have given Lisa a good life.  If maybe she’d wished for more, she’s learned to keep that to herself.  She’s a bunny shifter and the one time she revealed that fact to a lover, he ran for the hills.  So, she had no great expectations in the romance department – but when Desmond showed up to rent a room she couldn’t help the attraction she felt for this kind, sexy man – and she didn’t hold back either, she was going to enjoy this flirtation or whatever it was as long as she could because who would want a bunny shifter for the long term?  So she’d take today and enjoy.

Lisa and Desmond’s romance is lighthearted, charming and certainly smokin’ hot.  When danger arrives Lisa is just as important as Desmond is in getting the situation under control.  They work so well together, and their future is going to be amazing.

If you’re in the mood for some light shifter romance reading, with a sexy guy and an adorable lady then go pick up The Easter Bunny’s Bear.  You’ll come away with a smile on your face that’s for sure.

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