Savage Redemption by Liza Street

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He’s only ever been a bad guy, but a human woman’s love could help transform him into a hero…and a father.

Down-on-her-luck Delilah is struggling to make ends meet so she can provide for her infant daughter. Not for the first time, she wonders if she should try once more to contact her estranged baby daddy.

Mountain lion shifter Ben knows he’s been the villain in other peoples’ stories. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve love. Delilah’s bright personality shines into his heart, though, and he finds himself wanting nothing more than to claim her as his mate and call her baby his own. With a dangerous rogue wolf stalking his new family, Ben is ready to risk everything to become not the villain, but a hero.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Savage Redemption is connected to The Corona Pride series.

Titles in The Corona Pride series include:  Savage Yearning – Savage Loss – Savage Heartache – Savage Thirst – Savage Bliss

Title:  Savage Redemption
Series:  Corona Pride, BAD Alpha Dads
Author:  Liza Street
Published:  November 6, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s not often that we get to see a man who could very easily be considered the “bag guy” in a previous story in the Corona Pride series have a change of heart, attitude and set out to redeem himself from his past.  So there are several reasons that as a dedicated Shifter Romance reader why I completely enjoyed Ben and Delilah’s story.  There was a time when Ben did something so stupid, so wrong that it definitely classified him as the villain in an earlier Corona Pride story.  Watching Ben come to terms with his past, to attempt to redeem himself if only through a daily good deed without acknowledgement, to live a better life than what he had gave Ben a completely different feel.  Now, I’m always going to suggest that you dive into a series from the start… but do you have to have read the Corona Pride series in order to enjoy Ben’s story.  No, you don’t.  But it would be enhanced and would draw you in deeper if you had the entire back story… in my opinion.  Plus, the Corona Pride is an amazing series, one that I wouldn’t want to miss.

Delilah and Ben’s lives are about to intersect in a way that will not only allow Ben to find his own sense of redemption, but bring three people into a new family, one neither ever expected to find.  Delilah knows nothing of shifters, she has no idea that her practically new born daughter, McKenzie has shifter genes.  When Ben’s good deed for the day included Delilah he never expected to hear from her again, even if he felt an attraction to her.  The panicked call from Delilah put Ben right in the center of her life while they were in danger… but what would it take to convince Ben that he also deserves happiness with his mate.

Savage Redemption is full of intense situations, danger to Delilah and her daughter, definitely sexy moments, the chance to catch up with some of the Corona Pride members, fast paced action and moments that will have you chuckling out loud.  So, yeah, Ben and Delilah’s story has a bit of everything that makes a really good Shifter Romance for me.  I’m not about to give away spoilers, but you’ll want to pick up this story, especially if you’ve followed the Corona Pride series.  I would definitely recommend Savage Redemption for any reader of Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance who enjoys a good story, believable characters, and watching a not so bad guy finally find his redemption.  Loved this one and I’m betting  you will, too.

The author gifted an ARC copy to me for review.  This review is my own opinion, freely given and voluntarily posted.

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