The Dragon Prince of Alaska by Elva Birch

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An unplanned promotion to a princess!

Carina was just trying to advance to a manager position at her accounting firm. Instead, she uncovered the dirty secrets of a giant bank, got framed for murder, and fled the country. Now she’s hiding out in a van with a stray dog in the kingdom of Alaska…

…And a gorgeous park ranger is telling her that she’s his destiny (and also, camping illegally on royal land).

Before she knows it, she’s whisked off to a palace on the arm of a dragon shifter (!) prince and fitted for a crown…because she’s been chosen by an ancient magic spell to be the mate of the next king of Alaska.

As the youngest (and arguably most unsuitable) prince, Toren never thought that he would be tapped to rule, but he knows that Carina is worth the weight of his new duties. Now he’s just got to figure out how to be a king, and even more importantly, how to protect his queen-to-be from old enemies…and new foes who will stop at nothing to see Alaska fall.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Royal Dragons of Alaska series include — The Dragon Prince of Alaska

Elva Birch also writes under the Zoe Chant group of writer friends pseudonym… and it’s no secret anymore since that information can be easily found on the official Zoe Chant website and in the back of the e-books.  Also, all titles written by Elva Birch or her Zoe Chant pen name, and have been reviewed at Shifter Haven are listed here on her Elva Birch page, visit it to discover more about this amazing writer who gives us sexy, funny, emotional stories that are truly addictive.

Title:  The Dragon Prince of Alaska
Series:  Royal Dragons of Alaska #1
Author:  Elva Birch
Published:  February 13, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I fell in love with this series and these characters from the very first chapter of ‘The Dragon Prince of Alaska‘.  A Shifter/Paranormal/Alternative Universe Romance written by a favorite of mine among the Zoe Chant authors, this one is just ‘different’ enough in that parallel universe feel with everything familiar I need to find it all plausible, believable enough to get lost in this new world.  This is the first title in the ‘Royal Dragons of Alaska‘ series, and I’m already hooked on continuing anything written in this world.

Carina is in big trouble, and that was before she was spotted camping on royal grounds.  She’s on the run from some seriously evil people (and company) since she discovered a secret that had lain in plain sight for a very long time unless you knew what to look for or you were a highly skilled accountant out to earn a promotion.  Her discovery turns even more ominous and she heads to Alaska, a place where everyone “knows” you can easily get lost in while figuring out what to do next.  She never expected magic, shifters, or to become the next Queen of Alaska alongside the handsome, sexy, and adorable Prince Toren… because – magic and the princes knowing who exactly is their fated mates upon meeting them.  She’s running for her life — and ran straight into a completely new life with complications and attempted murder.

Toren is the youngest brother of the Royal House, and the least likely by anyone’s opinion to become king.  Yet, by decree of a complicated document the next king is always the one who finds his mate first.  End of discussion.  When given the task of ousting a trespasser on royal grounds no one could have believed that Toren would wander into his mate’s campsite – or the distractions and danger this discovery would bring about.

I adore this world.  Yes, I guessed who the bad guy might be early on… but then promptly forgot about that assumption as I became consumed by what was happening to Carina and Toren, as well as meeting the brothers and learning about this world.  Clever to give me the clues but make them not seem too terribly important at the time.  *wicked smile*

If you love getting in on the beginning of a new series, if you get caught up in puzzles, if you enjoy a really good, sizzling love story, or if you just love an intriguing parallel world series – then you’re going to love ‘The Dragon Prince of Alaska‘.  I’m already anxiously waiting for the next title because I need to dive back into this world – I enjoyed it that much, and I believe you will, too.

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