Stolen by Anastasia Wilde

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Two outlaw wolves.
Two sets of fated mates.
Two agonizing choices.
One happily-ever-after…

Hawk Romero, an undercover wolf shifter operative, risked everything to help Ariana De León escape from her brother Rico’s South American cartel. Now Rico is bringing an army of mercenaries to get his stolen sister back—and destroy the small town where she and Hawk are hiding, near his base at Outlaw Ridge.

Gunn Jorgenson has committed the cardinal sin of an outlaw operative—falling in love with a cop. But Michelangela Connors isn’t just any Enforcer—she comes from the most legendary pack of shifter Enforcers in the country. Gunn’s ready to quit his job to be with her—until he gets an SOS from Hawk.

Something is wrong at Outlaw Ridge—and the wolves are in chaos. Without them, the town’s defenses will fail. Promising to return in a few days, Gunn leaves Michelangela behind to help his friend—and the pack he left behind.

As Rico and his cartel soldiers approach the town, both Hawk and Gunn face decisions that could save everyone they care about—or destroy them. And in order to defeat the cartel, only one of them can have his fated mate, and the other will lose everything…

Titles in the Outlaw Wolves series include — (prequel) Stolen (intense & sets up the series) —◊— Hunted —♦— Rescued —♦— Chased —♦— Ignited —♦— Broken —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

**If you’ve read any of Anastasia Wilde’s other series, then you might just encounter some “familiar” faces**

Title:  Hunted
Series:  Outlaw Wolves #1
Author:  Anastasia Wilde
Published:  May 19, 2022
My Rating:  4.5

Stolen is the prequel to the Outlaw Wolves series, and the intensity of this story sets up the series brilliantly.  The range of emotions that this quick story brings out is simply amazing.  Yet, mostly I’d say “intense” is the best way to describe the introduction of Hawk and Ariana, as well as Gunn and Michelangela (Mikey), because events in this story will affect both couples in far different ways yet set their futures somewhat in stone.

Most of what you’d need to know before picking this one up is in the cover description.  What you won’t find there are the emotions that this dangerous situation will draw out of you, as there are some truly crazed players here.  Men who were able, by choice or circumstance, are willing to destroy others to get to their end goal.  The villains here are vile, and they will do a lot of damage before they are stopped.

While Hawk and Ariana are the main couple in Stolen, it was actually Gunn and Mikey who truly stole my heart.  What happened to Gunn was so unfair, and while his and Mikey’s story is the first in the series, well, the events here fully explain the situation between them by the time Hunted comes along.

Hawk has been undercover within Ariana’s despicable brother’s organization for more than a year – he’s also found his mate in Ariana.  He needs to get her to safety as quickly as possible, and there is only one place to go and a few specific friends to ask for help in doing that.  What follows is an intense battle between Hawk’s organization and one power-mad man’s compelled pack.

While one couple finds their happy-ever-after ending or beginning… another will not (at least for now).  Gunn’s future has been stolen from him and only time will tell if he can survive without his mate.

I was easily swept up in this story, and I’ve already started the rest of the series.  Well-written, intense, sexy, emotional, humorous, and so much more.  I loved this introduction to the series, and would highly recommend it.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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