The Enforcers: Noah by Anastasia Wilde

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Noah Reilly has lost everything. His job as an Enforcer, his place in the world, and his ability to bond with a mate. All he has left is a made-up job with the Nashville wolf pack, tracking down nonexistent rogue shifters in the daytime, and running his wolf like a demon at night. Then one night his wolf gets caught in a bear trap, and a human woman risks everything to save his mangled leg—and his life.

Mina Reston is trying to hold her life together, struggling to re-establish herself as a veterinary surgeon and animal researcher—while fighting a custody battle for her four-year-old son Brock and trying to convince him he’s not really turning into a werewolf. She has no time for the scorching hot guy she meets in the local coffee shop, even when he appears to be everything she’s ever wanted.

But when Brock’s werewolf fantasies turn real, Mina finds out her ex has been harboring dangerous secrets. Forced to go on the run with Brock, she turns to Noah for help—and finds herself plunged into a new world where love and danger go hand in hand, and only the ultimate sacrifice will save them all.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the  Silverlake Enforcers include:  The Enforcers: Kane – The Enforcers: Israel – The Enforcers: Noah   —  Silverlake Enforcers is a spin-off or bridge with the Silverlake Shifters series which include:  Fugitive Mate, –  White Wolf Mate –  Tiger Mate

Title:  The Enforcers: Noah
Series:  Silverlake Enforcers #3
Author:  Anastasia Wilde
Published:  March 3, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Noah and Mina have both been broken in different ways, but the damage has been done and neither feels that they will ever be truly whole again.  The absolute star of this story is Mina’s precious little boy, Brock.  He’s vital to the story, and quite the charmer at only 4 years old.  His abilities are unusual and it was such a delight to watch him develop yet still remain a little one.  So many thoughts are churning around in my head after just finishing this amazing story.  Yet I don’t think I want to go further than saying – this is such a good story on so many levels.  It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  It’s full of action and deeply personal moments.  There’s humor, danger, tears, giggles, sexy times and the bonds that pull people together under the most unusual circumstances.  So in my opinion, you need to take what you will from the Story Description and read, experience this one for yourself.

What a completely satisfying story to bring so many story lines in the Silverlake series to a “mostly” conclusion.  There are still stories to be told and those will happen in the next series, Bad Blood Shifters, I’m pretty certain – and who knows, perhaps by then we’ll have even more story lines to move along again.  In many ways I definitely hope so for these characters have become favorites to me, and I love the glimpses we get of all the characters we’ve come to care about in these series as they move forward in their lives together with their mates and families.

If you love Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance, then The Enforcers: Noah is a story that you will want to read.  It will capture your attention, your emotions and leave you wanting more = all things that a really good story should do.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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