Hunted by Anastasia Wilde

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He leads a pack of outlaw wolves who take down bad guys no one else can touch.
She comes from legendary shifter Enforcers, who have half his men on their Most Wanted list.
Will their explosive passion destroy everything they care about?

A year ago, undercover operative Gunn Jorgenson left Michelangela Connors for a two-day mission to help a friend. He never came back. All she got was freakin’ note telling her he was gone for good, and not to look for him.

Like that was going to happen.

Mikey was trained by the best operatives in the known world, and she’s not the kind of girl who reacts to having her heart trashed with a tub of ice cream and a chick flick marathon. She wants answers, or she wants blood. Preferably both. But she didn’t plan to find Gunn by being captured by his wolf soldiers—who have no idea who she is.

When Gunn’s men bring Mikey back to their secret base, all hell breaks loose. His wolves are a haunted, broken, PTSD-riddled mess—but their missions save lives, and Gunn’s tenuous alpha bond is the only thing holding them together. Mikey and her family could bring everything crashing down if Gunn’s mysterious, shadowy commander doesn’t have her killed before they can.

Now Gunn has to choose between saving the woman he’s never been able to forget, or saving his pack, and all of Outlaw Ridge. And teetering on the balance is the life of a little girl in danger.

Gunn’s pretty sure this can’t end anyway, but badly. But when it comes to true mates, fate can take twists and turns you never saw coming…

Titles in the Outlaw Wolves series include — (prequel) Stolen (intense & sets up the series) —◊— Hunted —♦— Rescued —♦— Chased —♦— Ignited —♦— Broken —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

**If you’ve read Anastasia Wilde’s other series, then you might just encounter some “familiar” faces**

Title:  Hunted
Series:  Outlaw Wolves #1
Author:  Anastasia Wilde
Published:  May 19, 2022
My Rating:  4.5

Hunted begins the Outlaw Wolves series with an intense, gripping story that really began in the prequel, Stolen, which I strongly suggest you read before diving into Hunted.  It sets up the series as well as Gunn and Mikey’s relationship prior to the events here.  If you’ve read Anastasia Wilde’s other series, then you may recognize some familiar folks (or an incentive to hit up her backlist for some great series).

Mikey is out for blood.  Specifically Gunn’s blood.  It’s not acceptable for a man to take a few days off to help out a friend, and then send a note stating that he’s not coming back; get over him and move on.  Nope.  Not when that jerk is her mate, and won’t even face her to explain himself.  So.  It’s simple.  He won’t come back to her, then she’s going to find him.  Maybe she’ll regret it, but she’s too angry, hurt, and vengeful right now to even consider that.  She’s an Enforcer, trained by the best, and she’ll find her man.  But… she’s not exactly prepared for what she finds when she eventually tracks him down.  Or what their future might hold.

Gunn had the most difficult choice of his life ripped out of his hands, and his heart when he was given no other option but to take the alpha spot of a wolf pack of crazed, PTSD-filled, out-of-control mercenaries who track down and deal with the bad guys… even if some would consider them not much better.  His anger isn’t helping build the shakey pack bond that these wolves need, but when everything you cherish is stolen from you, well, you aren’t in the mood to make new besties.  When his men drag Mikey into the compound, as she’s been found spying on them, all bets are off.  Her anger is justified, but his situation isn’t going to change any time soon.  Toss into the mess one innocent little girl who needs rescuing, now… and hurts and anger has to be set aside, for now.

I was quickly swept up into this world.  The danger that Gunn and Michelangela, along with those out-of-control wolves, is very real and intense.  So is the passion that certainly hasn’t died between this couple.  Hunted is well-written, fast-paced, and action-filled with danger, and a couple who will fight the odds to be together.  I loved Mikey, she is kicking butt and taking names with ease and attitude.  You do not mess with this woman.  Gunn is an amazing hero, true to his word even when it denies him what he needs most… his mate.  He’s also stubborn and bullheaded,  but that comes with the territory of wolf mercenaries.  And I really want to learn the stories of the men in this pack; some are really messed up, but always the possibility of redemption and mates.   I enjoyed myself so much with this story, so excuse me, I’m off to read the next one (gotta get caught up!).

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