Dragon Guardian of Land by Keira Blackwood & Eva Knight

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Captain, treasure hunter, skeptic—Astra is a lot of things.

Or at least she used to be. Can she still call herself a captain after her ship is wrecked? Is she a treasure hunter if the relic she’s been hired to find isn’t real? No matter what happens, she’s still a skeptic.

Unless magic is real.

One thing she’s definitely not—she’s not the kind of girl who’s saving her v-card.

Try telling that to the guys binding her to a rock as a “chaste” sacrifice. Sadly, no one listens to what you have to say when there’s a gag in your mouth.

All Astra knows for certain is that things can’t get any worse. 

Until a make-believe scaled monster swoops down out of the sky. Until he turns into a ripped AF, a very naked, human man who claims her as his mate.

Titles in the Alphas & Alchemy: Elemental Shifters series include – Dragon Guardian of Land – Wolf Warrior of Land –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Dragon Guardian of Land
Series:  Alphas & Alchemy: Elemental Shifters #1
Author:  Keira Blackwood & Eva Knight
Published:  November 3, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I can always depend on the writing duo of Keira Blackwood and Eva Knight to give me a story that is full of snark, banter, adventure, danger, hot, hot shifters, and a story that will keep any reader of Paranormal Romance glued to their Kindle – and DRAGON GUARDIAN OF LAND is certainly no exception to that rule that keeps me coming back for their stories time and time again.

Astra has just enough attitude and snark to keep an indulgent smile on my face throughout this story.  I love a heroine with an attitude (and one who can tone down that attitude when necessary as well).  I can’t say she met her mate under the best of circumstances being tied up, gagged and offered up for sacrifice – but hey, everyone’s gotta cute meet somehow, right?

For someone who doesn’t believe in ancient relics or in myths it comes as quite the surprise to Astra when she’s… let’s say, confronted with reality in the form of her rescuer or jailer, could be either in her opinion.  Celedon is not at all what she expected but then neither is she to this dragon guardian.

DRAGON GUARDIAN OF LAND is a funny, fast-paced, truly magical tale of humans suddenly dropped into a world they had no idea existed – and the true danger this land is in will become apparent as time moves on.  I had fun with this couple and the secondary characters we meet.  Snark at it’s finest and steamy, sizzling connections will make this a story you’ll devour in one huge gulp and then go looking for the next story in this series.  If you love magic and shifters – and one couple that will capture your interest upon first meeting then you’ll want to pick up this first story in the series… right now.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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