Jingle Bear by Ruby Shae

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Jingle BearTitle:  Jingle Bear
Series:  North Pole #1
Author:  Ruby Shae
Published:  November 3, 2014
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Purchased, Owned Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Quinn Miller, a polar bear shifter, is an enforcer at the North Pole. Protecting Santa’s Village is his number one priority, and the job leaves little room for anything else. A mistake made years ago hardened his heart, and he’d rather live alone than allow love to alter his judgment again.

Chloe Winters is free to celebrate Christmas for the first time in five years and she decides to spend it in Christmas Town, a popular tourist attraction, alone. When a sexy, muscle bound stranger offers her friendship, she’s reminded of her long ago wishes for someone to love her, curves and all.

When Santa issues an ultimatum, Quinn finds out the big man really does know everything. The challenge? Convince his curvy, damaged, mate that his love, and shifters and Santa, really do exist.

Hot Steamy Sexy Shifters ahead – definitely an 18+ readers

Want to know more?  Then read on for my thoughts about Jingle Bear.

Ten years later, Quinn is still blaming himself for a mistake in judgement about the woman he thought would be his mate.  He’s closed himself off and will not trust himself again in the emotional department at least – he knows he’s just fine as a protector of Santa and the North Pole Village.  Still, he’s become a very, very grumbly, grumpy bear these day.  So, Santa and Mrs. Claus have decided it’s time for a vacation – one involving women and finding his mate.  Quinn doesn’t think he needs a vacation or a mate so he’s decided to use a workaround in Santa’s decree.  Silly polar bear shifter, you should know you cannot fool Santa!

Chloe is exactly where she wants to be.  In Christmas Town celebrating her favorite holiday – alone.  Finally alone.  She’d been in an abusive relationship with her ex for about five years.  Five years of listening to him make comments about her size, her weight and every single thing he found wrong about her.  He sure didn’t mind using her savings account though.  She knew that she deserved better and when she walked in on him having a good ole time with two other women in their bed – she finally walked away for good.

Quinn learned the hard way that you cannot trick Santa and expect to get away with it.  Nope, he was out of the Village, plopped down in the snow right at the back of a cabin where the most beautiful, curvy woman he ever saw was staying.  His mate.  Definitely turned his grumpy bear impression right upside down.

But his mate was human.  And probably didn’t know one thing about shifters or North Pole enforcers.  And she’d been hurt, even at first glance he could see that.  Now all he had to do was convince this beauty to believe in the impossible and love him for a lifetime.  Hmmmm… maybe Santa could toss a little Christmas magic his way – just in case.

Jingle Bear is a hot and steamy, delightful Christmas shifter romance.  Chloe is afraid to trust again and Quinn has been a grumpy polar bear for far too long now.  They’re both going to need to make some changes – the sex is off the charts, but will the love follow through without trust.  It was such fun reading Chloe and Quinn’s story in this first book in the North Pole series.

Short, steamy and sexy.  It’s a perfect escape for an afternoon’s reading pleasure.  I’d definitely recommend it and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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