Aurum Dragon by Amelia Jade

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Daxxton Ryker, Wing Commander of Top Scale Academy, had finally found somewhere he could make a difference. By training future generations of dragons to help protect his homeland of Cadia, he hoped to make up for the mistakes of his past. But when he arrives at the borders of his homeland to respond to a distress call, the last thing he expected was her. After centuries of believing he had lost his only chance at love, it turns out he might have been wrong. Very wrong.

As head of security for the Princess of Tanith, Miranda Pyke has been exposed to many powerful figures over the years. But none of them have stolen her breath like the tall, golden-skinned shifter from Cadia. Despite her intense focus on her job, the handsome dragon with the quick wit never strays far from her mind. She knew it would only take one slip on her part for things to get out of control…

Can the pair fight off the relentless mercenary’s intent on kidnapping the princess, while still managing to discover just how deep their feelings for each other run? And when the time comes for the truth to be laid bare, how will Daxxton cope with the secret she’s been hiding the entire time?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragons of Cadia series include:  Gale Dragon – Fume Dragon – Aurum Dragon — connecting to the previous Top Scale Academy series and the next series Base Camp Bears as all these stories have an overlying story thread woven throughout each series and story that ultimately connect them all.

Title:  Aurum Dragon
Series:  Dragons of Cadia #3
Author:  Amelia Jade
Published:  December 27, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars

I think it’s fair to say that anyone who has read these connecting series from the very first, Frost Dragon in the Top Scale Academy series has known that Daxxton Ryder, Wing Commander is a very impressive, important and crafty dragon shifter… crafty enough to never have laid all his card on the table.

In the last of the Dragons of Cadia series, Aurum Dragon – you are about to find out exactly what he’s got… and it’s huge.

The small country of Tanith lies between Cadia and Fenris, although separated by waters, that is nothing to those who have flight, such as the dragons.  This small country has managed to remain neutral, not siding with either Cadia or Fenris in the obviously escalating unrest between these large shifter cities.  For the Princess of Tanith to be making her way to the Cadia border, in a vehicle not through the air, is the first indication of major troubles on the horizon.  Daxx and the instructors of Top Scale Academy, as well as their students who are continuing their education after becoming Guardians are racing to the border to assist the Princess and her guards in what appears to be a surprise attack by Fenris purchased mercenaries.  The Princess’ safety is of utmost importance for is she falls, Fenris will swoop in and take over Tanith easily.

Miranda, a Blast dragon and head of security for the Princess is deep in the fight when help arrives.  Once she realizes exactly who is heading the dragons attacking their joint foes she quickly realizes that victory is at hand… and perhaps more.  As the Princess, Miranda and their security detail make their way into Cadia to speak to the Council life is about to change for them personally and for their countries.

I have been anxiously waiting for Daxx’s story to come to us.  The amazing Aurum Dragon himself has always been somewhat of a mystery, although by the respect he is given by just about everyone he encountered in previous stories, we know he is a very high ranked dragon shifter.  I don’t believe we could have ever imagined his power, his abilities and his centuries old haunting sadness.  Daxxton’s story is simply an amazing tale and one you will not want to  miss.

It would be very easy to tell you the entire tale, that is how badly I want to talk about this story.  But I won’t.  If you’ve followed the series then you need to experience this tale for yourself, first hand to get the entire emotional impact.  and I use that word..impact.. deliberately for much is a shock, and much is answered as well.  Miranda and Daxxton have an incredible story, their countries are undergoing immense changes… and war is most likely on the horizon.

The story of Cadia is not finished, we will pick up the tale in the next series, Base Camp Bears.

This is one of those stories where if I could give Aurum Dragon 10 stars in rating I would… emotional, intriguing, action filled, romantic, satisfying are some words that could describe this tale.  If you are a Shifter Romance reader I can only strongly encourage you to give this series, in fact all the connecting series a chance to draw you into their spell, and come to like and care about the characters in this amazing world.

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