Green Bearets: Garrin by Amelia Jade

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As a high-ranking officer in the Green Bearets, Garrin Richter rarely gets out from behind his desk. So when he is able to arrange a trip to nearby Cloud Lake to meet with some of his subordinates, the bear shifter is ecstatic. With the war raging on between his homeland of Cadia and their arch rivals Fenris, he’s never felt more helpless sitting safely behind the action. But when the high command’s meeting is interrupted, Garrin isn’t sure what’s the bigger bombshell: the woman who just walked in, or what she has to say.

Mia Jameson was nobody special. It didn’t make sense. She had a good life, and enjoyed it, and was proud of her accomplishments, but she was just a normal human being. Under threat of duress, she’s done things she regrets. No more though. Having finally worked up her courage, she’s going to march right up to the shifter in charge and tell him the truth. The only thing is, she didn’t expect him to be so damn hot.

From the moment she walked in, Garrin couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. Even after her secret is revealed, he’s the only one who doesn’t care. He vows to help her, no matter the cost, but his peers from the other shifter races disagree. Without their help, he’s not sure he can do what’s necessary. Can he prove to Mia that when he gives his word, he’s good for it?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Green Bearets:  Garrin
Series:  Base Camp Bears #4
Author:  Amelia Jade
Published:  March 1, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Mia is holding onto a secret but she simply cannot do what is demanded of her now.  No, it’s time to come clean, ask for help and perhaps mercy as well.  It’s not going to be easy, walking into the headquarters of the Green Bearets here in Cloud Lake, but it has to be done.  This ends today.

As the second-in-command, Garrin sits behind a desk and sends fellow shifters off to fight.  Some return, others do not.  It doesn’t sit well with him that he is not out on the battlefront with his men, so he visits those assigned in Cloud Lake as often as he can manage.  He didn’t expect a top command meeting to be interrupted by a human visitor, but once he set eyes on the tall, beautiful woman his fate was sealed.  He could tell Mia was afraid, everyone in the room sensed that but he wasn’t truly prepared for her courage as she slowly revealed what she and her twin brother had been facing or what that meant for Cadia.

Green Bearets: Garrin tales us further into the war between Cadia and Fenris.  Recent events have brought the human government further into shifter business than anyone likes.  And now with Mia’s information Garrin and his teams will face even more danger – without the backing of his government.

I liked Mia and Garrin together.  Their relationship is built on strength but full of teasing, bantering and moments that bring a smile.  They also face danger, more than Mia has ever faced before, but her stubbornness and her strength will be necessary for the mission’s success.  We run into several familiar faces here, and it was such fun for me to see old friends once again.  One thing I really enjoy about these connected series that make up the tales of Cadia is that we never truly leave characters behind once their story has been told.  They are still a part of that world, and I appreciate seeing them included in the ongoing larger story.

I would recommend this story and all of the connecting ones as well.  This is an amazing universe, full of intriguing characters and tales to be told.  It’s impossible to stop with one, you’ll want to know and enjoy them all.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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