Fume Dragon by Amelia Jade

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Dragon shifter Blaine Wingstar has seen a lot over his three centuries of life. Enough to know that the woman whose groceries he just accidentally dumped all over the store isn’t from the shifter town of Cadia. That isn’t the only thing different about the platinum-haired beauty, however, as his dragon’s reaction is quick and fierce. Whatever it is, all Blaine knows is he’s craving more.

Cassi Karkasy isn’t visiting Cadia for fun. She’s part of a legal team from rival shifter stronghold Fenris sent to defend one of their own who is locked up. Now a chance collision has her whisked into a date with a handsome shifter who she knows by reputation alone. But does she dare tell him the real reason she’s in Cadia, and why she fought so hard for it?

Yet as she swiftly learns, their fates are more directly intertwined than either of them could have planned. As her half-truths come back to haunt her, an attack on her team convinces Cassi that perhaps Cadia isn’t the place for her after all. Can Blaine forgive her, and figure out who’s behind it all before he loses the love he thought he’d never find?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragons of Cadia series include:  Gale Dragon – Fume Dragon – Aurum Dragon — connects to Top Scale Academy and Base Camp Bears series continuing the underlying Cadia vs Fenris story line with some recurring characters from earlier stories

Title:  Fume Dragon
Series:  Dragons of Cadia #2
Author:  Amelia Jade
Published:  December 13, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Bumping into a beautiful shifter in a grocery line is often an embarrassing, perhaps annoying moment… unless you feel that tingle that says something more is going on here.  When Blaine spilled Cassi’s grocery basket it opened up a conversation with the woman he was certain wasn’t from Cadia.  But exactly who she was didn’t really matter, he was immediately interested in finding out much more than her place of origin.  As soon as the handsome shifter introduced himself as Blaine she knew she should have explained exactly who she was.  It was important to them both, but his sexy eyes made promises that she didn’t want to miss – so she kept her silence, that was her first mistake.

Cassi would go on to make more omissions, more skirting round the truth until the point came when Blaine had no idea if he could ever trust the woman his dragon considered his mate.

Nothing she or the citizens of Fenris had been told about the barbaric Cadians seems to be actually true.  There was no fighting in the streets, no threats hanging over her head the moment she stepped out into the streets.  And the people were friendly,  polite and engaging.  What in the world is going on here?  Nothing was making sense, especially the way she was feeling about Blaine.  She should be avoiding the famous Guardian… she would be bringing trouble to him by being seen on the streets with him.  And once he discovered the secret she held close, well chances were that he’d never forgive that oversight.

When Cassi and the legal team from Fenris are attacked, everyone is caught off guard.  Blaine will do everything in his power to protect Cassi – it would help if she’d be honest with him and stop lying.

In Fume Dragon, Garviel is about to go to trial for his attack and attempted kidnapping of Rhynne and the damage to property by he and his goons.  Of course, a legal team from Fenris would arrive for his defense – but more than just those looking to the legal aspects also arrived.  Soon the danger would emerge, and with no clue who was behind it, tensions run high between the two sides.

I’ve been looking forward to Guardian and Instructor Blaine Wingstar’s story.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  Cassi’s half truths, outright omissions made it,at times, difficult to truly get behind her as a mate to Blaine.  Oh, they had chemistry that was hot and steamy.  I think I simply wanted her to trust Blaine enough to give him the truth from the start, yet another part of me understands why she didn’t or couldn’t.  This story also steps up the tensions between Cadia and Fenris a notch further as they move toward an unavoidable confrontation at some point soon.

I am enjoying these sets of connecting series so very much.  And next up is the one dragon I’ve wanted to know more about from the very start – Draxxton Ryder.  If you love Shifter Romance then this story and the series that connect tell an amazing overall background story.  I would definitely recommend them all.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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