A Siren For The Bear by Meredith Clarke

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A Siren For The BearTitle:  A Siren For The Bear
Series:  Sarkozy Brothers #1
Author:  Meredith Clarke
Published:  December 5, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Carson Grant sings for her supper. Between her covers and her weekend gigs, she’s been making it well enough as an indie singer.
Until she lands a job she can’t say no to.

Marek Sarkozy knew, the moment he saw his Siren, that she was the one for him. Now, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his, even if his heart ignores his reality.

The Sarkozy men hid a secret as old as their ancestors. Their bear shifter genes are slowly dying out. But Marek doesn’t care if he is the last of his line. Not as long as he can have Carson.

But will the danger to his clan outweigh the strength of his devotion to his chosen mate?

Shifters are very sexual and nothing will stop them from lovin’ their mates, so 18+ readers.

Read on for my thoughts on A Siren For The Bear.

A Siren For The Bear begins Meredith Clarke’s new bear shifter series, Sarkozy Brothers – and what an excellent start it is.  I always expect the first story in any new series to have more background about the characters and their unique situation, it simply makes sense to me.

In this series opener, that background was expertly woven while falling right into the story.  And that is always a gem to find.  Marek is checking out Carson’s performance all the while knowing that he has a contract offer in his pocket.  What he didn’t expect was the pull he felt toward her.  He tried to shrug it off since his family wasn’t one that brought human mates into the fold.  Maybe long ago, but not recently.  So this attraction had to be simply a sexual response to this beautiful woman with a siren’s voice.  Or so he told himself, but deep inside he knew the truth – and it scared him enough to try to push it aside, to ignore it until he had no other choice.

Carson loves her voice, the challenge of writing and learning new songs, the thrill of performing – but she never expected to be offered a lead singer spot with a popular band.  And she certainly didn’t expect the hot, sexy and annoying messenger.  Sure he was handsome as sin, confident and sexy as all get out – and she wanted this job.  And she wanted him.  Things moved quickly.  When it’s obvious that there is danger around the wealthy Marek, Carson doesn’t hide from the fear – she is a strong, straight talker who sees the world in black and white with no shades of grey to be found.  To survive in Marek’s world she’s going to have to start believing in shades of grey.

There are obviously a lot of story threads beginning in  A Siren For The Bear.  Marek’s family is old, wealthy and influential.  They have protection in place and are searching for something.  There are several offshoot operations that get a slight mention, that will find their ways into later stories in the series.  That’s what I mean by background building but subtle.  A word here, a sentence there, a hint of something evil over there – touches, soft glancing words that tell us that there is so much more to this world to discover over the course of the series.

Carson and Marek’s relationship is sexy, intense and not without some serious drama.  But the feel of this couple is that they belong together, they simply have to find their way… and trust each other.  I enjoyed this story very much, am looking forward to the rest of the series and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Paranormal Romance lover who enjoys sexy partners, mystery, action and a very solid story line.  Give this one a chance, I believe you’ll be hooked for the entire series.

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