Aloha Passions (1st book of 4 series box set) by Anna Lowe

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Powerful dragons. Burly bears. Passionate wolves. Sizzling romance & suspense guaranteed!

Discover your next hot alpha hero in this unforgettable volume of steamy & suspenseful paranormal romances! Each story puts the “hero” back into “heroine” and introduces a rich story world, from tropical Maui to the shady side of Vegas and the spellbinding scenery of the desert Southwest. Sizzling romance guaranteed!

In LURE OF THE DRAGON, Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters fight to save a mysterious woman from a ruthless dragon. In DESERT MOON, wolf shifter Ty Hawthorne puts duty above everything – but not even this pack alpha can resist the call of his mate. In DAMNATION, burly bear shifters clash with a pair of she-wolves in an action-packed tale of second chance romance. And in GAMBLING ON TROUBLE, a diamond thief falls for a bear shifter security chief. What could possibly go wrong?

Each of these stories is Book 1 in a different best-selling series. What better way to decide which great series to sink your teeth into next? Grab this incredible box set deal today!

Title:  Alpha Passions
Series:  Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, Blue Moon Saloon, Charmed in Vegas, Aloha Shifters – Jewels of the Heart
Author:  Anna Lowe
Published:  March 10, 2018
My Rating:  5 stars

Alpha Passions is a great way to get the first book from four of Anna Lowe’s amazing Shifter Romance series.  Now I’m a great fan of Ms. Lowe’s works, she always takes me away to a brand new world in every story.  Sexy, intriguing, dangerous and definitely addicting are just a few ways I’d describe her stories and her characters.  I’ve given you a taste of each story from the four series below, a little bit from each of the reviews I’ve done.

Remember though – this bundle is full of the First Story In Each Series… not a complete series so don’t be upset if you expected something else.  First Books here.  But, that’s enough to whet your appetite to go find the rest of each series.  I think you’ll love them all and wonder how you missed these.

Okay, here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #1 – Desert Moon   has all the qualities that make a great story and a series to follow.  Fated mates, an enemy’s offspring, a veiled threat from within the pack, an outside nuisance in rogue shifters, and a cast of secondary characters that bring this pack to life with everyday needs, bantering and infighting.  This is a world that was built through the characters interaction with each other, some surprises yet to come and enough sexy moments between Ty and Lana to bring them together as the new Alpha couple with ease and a natural feeling.  I really enjoy this world – it’s deadly yet forgiving, solid yet flexible, loyal with enough infighting to be natural, and vibrant in the descriptions of the surrounding areas.  It’s easy to simply step into this world and dive into the current story.  That is part of what brings me back to a series again and again

Blue Moon Saloon, #1 – Damnation  Simon and Jessica’s story is riveting, heartbreaking, sizzling sexy and an excellent world building to this new series.  Their world lives easily right along side of the Twin Moon Ranch series.  And though the story lines do not cross often, we do see characters from the Twin Moon Ranch show up.  Do you have to have read the other series to enjoy this one – no, not really.  But honestly the Twin Moon Ranch series is so good I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to at least try a story or two.

Charmed In Vegas #1 – Gambling On Her Dragon is a fun, sizzling sexy romp through the underworld of Las Vegas – and the meeting of two mates who aren’t exactly doing what is normal for them at the moment.  I love little tidbits in stories that authors toss in, kinda like Easter eggs in books.  *grin*  Trey is the cousin of Lana, from the Twin Moon Ranch series.

Kaya really isn’t the bad girl here, she’s desperate to rescue her sister from some really, really bad guys.  Finally trusting Trey with her problem is the smartest thing she’s done recently.  Trey is not going to bail on his mate, she may be a dragon shifter but she belongs at his side to protect and love, or so his wolf insists – Kaya may have different views.  But for now Trey is going to fight some pretty bad guys in order to save both Kaya, Karen and even himself because these guys in Vegas play for keeps.

Aloha Shifters – Jewels of the Heart #1 – Lure of the Dragon is Kai and Tessa’s romance, one that opens up all sorts of possibilities for this series.  The world building for this first of the series was so subtle that you’re learning about this world as you read so if flows naturally.  Exactly as I prefer.  Tessa is rescued from a dangerous situation by a desert fox shifter, Ella, who has ties with the Twin Moon pack.  And quickly sends her off to Hawaii and the men at this estate who will protect her from a man who wants to harm her and an enemy these men know well.  Never knowing about shifters before she was attacked yesterday, Tessa isn’t quite her feisty self as she faces the totally unknown alone.  But there isn’t much choice, these men either help her or not.  Taking a chance is the only option she has left right now.

I’ve loved every single one of these series, and this bundle, Alpha Passions, gives you the first book in each series in a wonderful way to decide which series you want to start first… I’ve no doubt that you’ll want to read them all.  They’re addicting.

I own a Kindle edition of Alpha Passions.

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