Axman Werebear by T. S. Joyce

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Axman WerebearTitle:  Axman Werebear
Series:  Saw Bear #5
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  May 14, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Diem Daye has led a sheltered life. As the only breeding female of her kind, her father has kept her tucked away and heavily guarded. But when he makes a deal behind her back, and marries her off to a local lumberjack werebear, she fights everything that is expected of her. As the dust settles and she begins to realize just how special her arranged union to Bruiser Keller is, she’ll have to decide to make the ultimate sacrifice for her kind, or live and love in the safety of her new mate’s protection.

Bruiser made a deal with a legendary shifter to save his family, but the consequences run deep when he returns home to the Asheland Mobile Park. Now he must marry a woman he’s never met, and if Diem’s pissed off countenance is anything to go by, she doesn’t want this pairing any more than he does. Bruiser vows to soften her hardened heart, but her secrets could bring danger to his beloved Ashe Crew, and could alter the course of his life forever.

Love comes at a cost for shifters like Bruiser and Diem. If they want a real shot at happiness, they’ll have to learn how to survive each other.

Sexy Shifters in love with their mates and not afraid to show it – adult, 18+ readers tale.

In any series it’s difficult not to have a few favorite couples along the way.  And I must admit that Diem and Bruiser happen to be one of my favorites, not only for this story but the parts they play in the continuing of this over arching of several series in Damon’s Mountains.  I don’t feel that any couple has to “prove their love” to me, yet this couple went way beyond in showing their devotion to each other… and that earned them a special place in this readers heart.

There is always a price to pay when asking for favors, especially favors from dragons.  In order to get the help he needed from Damon Daye to save his family during an attack by a madman in the IESA, Bruiser had to give something up – his freedom, his chance to find his mate and know that unique bond that only that one special woman could have brought into his life.  Instead he agreed to marry the dragon shifter’s daughter, sight unseen.

Diem has always known the one role she had to play in life, it would be hard not to when her father constantly reminded of her duty to her species of dragon shifters, … the young she would bear.  She was a breeder, the last female dragon shifter and it was her duty to continue the line – even if it required the sacrifice she would have to make.

Damon Daye will become quite a powerful ally for all of the Crews to have on their side – but on this day, his daughter’s wedding day he is a complete, heartless jerk.  Delivering Diem to the landing of the Ashe Crew’s work site, delivering “the goods” of the agreement he made with Bruiser – and Diem has no clue whatsoever about what her father has done.  Nor that she has lost her freedom to a stranger – a stranger who might as well have taken her life right then and there.  But fate has been kinder to Diem than she ever dreamed of, and Damon has made a serious misstep in making his daughter a member of the Ashe Crew… a crew that will defend and fight to the death against anyone who threatens or endangers their crew.

At first Diem comes off as cold and bitter – but once you’ve read how she was raised and what being mated truly means to her species you will understand her attitude.  Bruiser realizes quickly that Diem is hiss mate and he proposes a compromise to her – move into 1010, take time to get to know the crew, to know him and ease into their relationship.  After she’s explained exactly what her father has done, Bruiser will do everything in his power to keep her safe.  (on a side note I love the trailer 1010, that magical place where all the ladies have spent time, living with Nards the mouse and easing their way into the lives of their mates.)

Bruiser and Diem have a fascinating journey, a unique situation and a very strong love and respect for each other.  I loved the man Bruiser proved himself to be and the woman that Diem became secure in his devotion to her.

If you love Shifter Romance then this is a story and a group of series that should be on your reading radar.

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