Bad Bear Santa by Liv Brywood

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Crystal never imagined she’d have to spend Christmas trapped in a tiny cabin with the most infuriating bear shifter in her clan. Tristan Hunter is every woman’s fantasy. Mesmerizing chiseled abs, piercing blue eyes, and a naughty smirk are enough to drive any woman wild. But not Crystal. Tristan’s cocky, unpredictable, and alpha to the core. She can’t stand him, but her bear’s been lusting after him for years.

Snowed in together with only a log burning stove to keep them warm, she’ll do everything in her power to resist his seductive glances and sinfully tempting lips. He can alpha her all he wants, but she’s not going to give in… Not even a little. 

Titles in the Montana Shifters series include:  Bad Bear Santa

Title:  Bad Bear Santa
Series:  Montana Shifters #1
Author:  Liv Brywood
Published:  December 3, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Bad Bear Santa is a fun, sexy romp that begins the Montana Shifters series.  There is mention of one mated brother and several other brothers of Tristan’s so I’ll be looking for more in this series.  There is bonus material included in this Kindle edition so don’t stop at the ending of Crystal and Tristan’s story.

Crystal had waited just a bit too long to head up the mountain to her bear clan’s Christmas celebration.  Now she was stuck in a white out on a slippery mountain when the worst that could happen… did.  She actually thought that she’d seen her last Christmas just before she passed out – only to awaken in the cabin, in the arms of her clan’s most notorious playboy, Tristan.  Now truth be told, she’d always had a crush on him but his long line of female conquests puts her off and she’s labeled him as totally unacceptable for her.  Now they’re stuck in a small cabin in the middle of blizzard conditions that won’t let up any time soon for the days leading up to Christmas.  Could it possibly get worse?  Ah, yeah.

I had fun with this short and sexy story.  Tristan already had a change of heart concerning his lifestyle long before Crystal’s rescue.  Now his bear is sending him messages that this amazing woman, who by the way sorta dislikes him, is their mate.  Mate.  Of course, the one woman who can’t seem to stand to be around him is his mate.  Well, one way to convince her that he’s not all that bad is being the perfect bear for her… but she’s so cute and sexy it’s going to be impossible to keep his paws to himself.  Yeah, good luck with that Tristan.  *grin*

If you only have a short amount of time between your own Christmas activities to sneak in a good story, then Bad Bear Santa might be one you’d enjoy.  Short, sexy and the opener for more stories to come.  Sounds like a sweet stocking stuffer to me.

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