Bear for Her by Samantha Leal

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Welcome to the small mountain town of Lone Reach …

Single Mom Chloe is looking for a fresh start with her adorable daughter Harper when she leaves Bridge Hollow in the dead of night and finds herself caught in a frightening avalanche in the middle of the wilderness!

Lucky for them, damaged alpha bear Mason is also out for a late-night drive, and comes to their rescue, helping them out of the snow and back to his mysterious hometown of Lone Reach.

Lone Reach may appear like just another small town, but there is something about it that leaves Chloe uneasy. Secrets and simmering tensions greet her at every turn. Still, she can’t help but be drawn to Mason, and can’t seem to shake the feeling there is something inside of him that she has met before…

With Chloe hiding a terrifying secret of her own and Mason determined never to fall in love again, will these two be able to overcome the odds and find love in the middle of the mountains? With fate seemingly pulling them together, and their own fears tearing them apart, can they navigate the perils of the town’s rising conflicts to find a lasting bond? One thing is certain, they are about to embark on the bumpiest ride of their lives, and everything is at stake…

Titles in the Lone Reach Shifters series include – Bear For Her – Her Fated Dragon – Second Chance Wolf – Damaged Daddy Bear’s Nanny – Taken by the Shifter – 

*Connection to the Bridge Hollow series – Alpha Daddy Bear – Forbidden Alpha Bear – Alpha Protector Wolf – Fated Mate Daddy Bear – Claimed by the Alpha Dragon

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Bear For Her
Series:  Lone Reach Shifters #1
Author:  Samantha Leal
Published:  February 2, 2020
My Rating:  4 stars

Bear for Her begins the Lone Reach Shifters series which has a connection to the Bridge Hollow series.  This story is fast-paced, full of mystery opener to this series as both Chloe and Mason are running away from something… and keeping that fact hidden from the other.

While Chloe and her daughter Harper are escaping danger in one town an avalanche strikes just outside of Lone Reach halting their dash for safety far from the town they’d left behind.  Trusting a stranger is never easy, yet Chloe has no other choice but to trust that Mason means them no harm by offering them a ride to the town that Mason was trying to escape from when he found them.  Oh, his escape wasn’t fraught with danger, but determination.  Each is about to discover that fate plays a hand in everything if you believe in that sort of thing… and right now, neither of them do.

I enjoyed Bear for Her, it’s a very good beginning to the series since it already has me itching to know what happens next in Lone Reach.  Normally, lies just turn me off from a story, the kind of lies that just keep on going even when there are ample chances to set things straight.  And Chloe and Mason are telling lies to each other (and themselves) believing that the truth would do more harm than good.  Yet.  I understood more why Mason wouldn’t confess his fears to Chloe – but Chloe was leading danger right to the doorstep of this small town, and Mason, as well as the townsfolk, should have learned about that possible danger earlier.  And… that’s in my opinion.  But, the intensity of Chloe’s fears feeds the approaching danger and, perhaps, builds for events yet to come.  In a series, I (as a reader) have to look at and consider the long game of what is yet to come and how the opening story reveals that is what will keep me moving on to the next book, and the next.  So, it’s not truly a criticism more of an “I don’t like lies” opinion – but it all worked out right in the end and that’s really what matters most.

The town where Chloe used to live reveals what happened in the earlier series in this world and for me, I’m going back to the Bridge Hollow series before continuing with Lone Reach Shifters.  Oh, I’ll be back yet I need that history to understand events that are happening in the current series – every reader is different and knowing the previous facts is the type of reader I am.  Nonetheless, Bear for Her is intense, full of danger yet to be discovered, sizzling sexy moments, and an adorable little girl who steals scenes constantly.  I had fun here and that’s the whole point.

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