Bear Temptation by Novalee Swan

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A bar. A game of pool. A bet…

When grizzly shifter Bear Reid arrives in Rosewood, Tennessee, he doesn’t expect to find a luscious redhead waiting tables and fending off barflies with sugar-coated threats. She’s a ray of sunshine in purgatory and he wants her. Bad.

So he buys the bar.

Kelly McKenna has a head for numbers, but she takes one look at her enigmatic new boss—all malt hair and whiskey eyes—and finally understands what it means to crave. Eventually, sweet flirtation leads to a not-so-sweet game of pool. And a bet.

Winner takes all.

But there’s something Kelly doesn’t know about Bear. A secret that could destroy her trust and her heart forever.

Titles in the Shifter Town series include – Bear Temptation – Caging Ash -Wolf Down – Bear Essentials – Ever Unbroken –

Title:  Bear Temptation
Series:  Shifter Town #1
Author:  Novalee Swan
Published:  August 10, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I usually try to not judge a book by the cover, I’m often wrong… but this cover for Bear Temptation is so eye-catching that it stopped my scrolling through titles and managed to get me to click over.  Now, I’ll admit that I’m a shoo-in for a Shifter Romance and love to discover new-to-me authors but I have to say that the cover for this, and the other books in the Shifter Town series caught my eye, they are simply stunning.

Ryan (“Bear”) and Kelly’s romance may be short, story length-wise, but a pretty powerful first in the series reading punch is easily delivered in Bear Temptation.  Ryan flips bars and then moves on to the next never staying in one place for long.  Yet, there’s something about this town, this bar, and this woman that is giving him second thoughts about leaving.  Who knew that one bet could change lives forever?

Because of the length, I’m not going into any details beyond the Cover Description Blurb.  I had a blast in the opening story of the Shifter Town series.  We will meet some of the townsfolk, most of the characters we’ll run into throughout the rest of the series, and get a good feel for the location.   And encounter some rather vile villains as well.

Kelly and Ryan are hot together, steamy moments will be had, but they’re also good for each other beyond the strong chemistry or the fact that they do belong together.  I liked them, I enjoyed the town, and I need to know more.

I have all but the final book (which releases in Dec. 2020) and I’ll be doing a binge-read of the rest of them in the coming days.  Yes, if I’m doing a binge-read then I’m totally hooked on knowing more or most of the story… right now, right this minute.  If you enjoy a quick read that will draw you in and not let go, then you should check out Bear Temptation right now for yourself.

I own a Kindle edition of Bear Temptation.

Available for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle