Bearing The Frostbite by Sloane Meyers

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Bearing The FrostbiteTitle:  Bearing The  Frostbite
Series:  Ice Bear Shifters #6
Author:  Sloane Meyers
Published:  October 17, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Alexis Fletcher is a catch. She’s beautiful, sassy, and sweet. But she’s also on the verge of losing her grandmother, the only family she has left. The last thing she wants to do is upset her dying Grams, and she knows that getting involved with a shifter would do just that. But she still can’t seem to keep her eyes off of her gorgeous new coworker.

Polar bear shifter James Tanner has felt a restless urge to wander ever since he lost most of his clan to a rival clan’s attack. He dreams of escaping to somewhere far away, where no one knows his name. But his plans to leave are changed when he starts to fall for the girl next-door. Is it possible she might be willing to give him a chance?

Will Alexis find a way to follow her heart without dishonoring her grandmother’s wishes? And can James open his eyes to the happiness right in front of him?

These shifters may live in the Arctic but they are totally hot and sexy with their mates so… 18+ readers.

Read on for my thoughts on Bearing The Frostbite.

James is one of the shifters who was near to death and adopted by the Northern Lights Clan when his own Clan was wiped out by the Blizzards.  It’s been about two years now since the last battle finished off the evil Blizzards and life is setting into normal or as normal as it gets for a shifter clan.

On one particular restless day James shifts and heads out beyond the forest for a run, letting his polar bear have full rein for a while.  The very last thing he expected on this run was to have a human on a four-wheeler stop and approach him.  He tried his best true polar bear impression trying to scare the beautiful, curious woman away but she merely laughed.  She knew what he was.  Even called him a shifter.  How was that possible?  Neal was very strict about any clan members shifting around humans… how could she know?  Eventually the beauty tired of the one-sided conversation and with a smile and a wave took off on her four-wheeler allowing James to high tail it back home to safety.

James has been restless lately.  And the human’s discovery of him made that feeling increase.  He needed to get away from Alaska, even for a short time and to do that he needed money which means a job.  While waiting his turn for an interview at the local airport James looked up to see the beauty exiting the interviewer’s room – and she walked straight over to him.  To tease him, really?  She shouldn’t even be hinting about shifters out in public.  But she was actually flirting with him – and no one else would know what her double meaning sentences really were about.

Alexis was a native Alaskan.  Shifters were no mystery to her and actually she was excited to sight one out on the tundra.  She had feared they had all been wiped out.  When the cute shifter turned up at the same interview for an airport job she couldn’t help but flirt a bit.  Oh, she knew that it would never be serious – her grandmother was ill and that was Alexis’ top priority, taking care of her Grams… but still, he was cute.

Bearing The Frostbite is a sexy, charming and even sweet romance between a shifter and a native.  The heart doesn’t lie, and even a beloved grandmother approaching the final days of her life sees that.  When Alexis and James feel free to love each other nothing but good things are in store for them.  A fun, lovely additional story of one of the adopted members of the Northern Lights Clan.  I loved it.

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