Beary Overdue by Ruby Shae

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Bearly OverdueTitle:  Bearly Overdue
Series:  Polar Bliss #1
Author:  Ruby Shae
Published:  February 4, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

After seven long years, curvy girl, Jillian Masters, returns to home to bury her late mother’s husband, and catch up with the Holland siblings, including her ex-boyfriend Reid. Though she hadn’t turned out to be his mate, he was the best man she’d ever known, and he’d set the standard for all of her future love interests. Unfortunately, no other man had ever come close to measuring up to her first love.

Polar bear shifter, Reid Holland, is a corrupt man. When his mate left him seven years ago, everything good and decent inside him died, leaving behind an angry and bitter shell. Instead of going after her, he abandoned his family, and his bear, and built his success on endless drinking, fighting and random sexual encounters.

A few glimpses into Reid’s life is all it takes to convince Jillian she made the right choice in leaving all those years ago. Reid had turned into a man she didn’t know, and worse, one she didn’t like. When the truth behind Jillian’s reason for leaving is exposed, Reid is devastated until clarity comes in the form of his bear. Now all he has to do is convince his mate that the man she once loved is back, and he’s here to stay.

Shifters are extremely sexual creatures and have no trouble at all showing their mates physically just how much they are loved so this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Read on for my thoughts on Beary Overdue.

I believe there will be people who will not like Bearly Overdue for a couple reasons.  Reid has truly become despondent at his mate’s leaving him seven years ago – that pain has shut him off from his bear, it has turned a steady, fun man into, well let’s just say it a man-whore more concerned with drinking, whoring around and getting into as many fights as possible in one night.   He is a wrecked man/bear.  The fact that he brought this onto himself by never asking his mate to stay in town with him seems totally lost on Reid.  He is angry at the world and it’s going to take a huge wake up call for him to change his ways and win Jillian back once again.

Beary Overdue is a darker shifter romance, I admit that.  And if you do not read the entire story and get to the redemption part then you will be missing a very good story and a slice of life.  Because not everyone is perfect, sometimes the dark takes us over and it will take someone’s love to pull us back to sanity.

I enjoyed this one, in spite of the darkness, and will be downloading the next in the series since I want to know what happens to the other siblings at the coffee house Polar Bliss.  I’d say take a chance, read all of the story, then make up your mind on this one.

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