Binge Reading Damon’s Mountains Books by T. S. Joyce

Posted April 20, 2016 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

white tiger grenerySometimes a series can touch a reader so much that waiting patiently for the next story is nearly impossible.  This time I got really lucky in that an epic group of connected series were available for download one after the other – and I was in shifter heaven.  So I immersed myself in this world full of sexy shifters, strong mates and adorable babies – and danger, suspense and a group of love stories beyond compare.

The “umbrella” title of all these connected series is Damon’s Mountains – but you’ve probably seen then as Saw Bears Fire BearsGray Back BearsBoarlander Bears – and a couple stand alone books.  All together they tell an amazing tale of shifters and their mates, yes of course – but this one is deeper.  It tells the ongoing tale of shifters forced to come out to the human race, to come out to center stage amidst those who are pro-shifter and those who hate them and would wipe them from the face of the earth in a heartbeat.  Government secret ops, mad men and women who want only the power and glory for themselves… and our group of shifters, friends, lovers who simply want to live in peace and no longer be hunted.  And not once during this “umbrella” series do we leave past couples behind – no, this is a community and beloved characters will pop up often in the continuing stories.

This is everything that I love about Shifter Romance series at its best.

The reviews for these stories will start to show up tomorrow, and one or two a day until they are all here at  Shifter Haven.  Because today I downloaded the first story in the newest series of Harper’s Mountains which brings us right back to the children of Damon’s Mountain stories.  I cannot recommend these series highly enough to any Shifter, Paranormal or Romance reader.  They are sexy, funny, dangerous, suspenseful, and will draw you into a world that is full of love, sexy times and adventure.  What is not to love about any of that?

If you have not had the pleasure of reading these, here is the reading order of the stories on  T. S. Joyce’s website

I love any and all Shifter Romance stories – the diversity of worlds and lore draws me in every time.  Yet this group of Shifters really captured my heart, and I believe, if you give them the chance, they’ll capture you as well.