Catching The Bear by Meredith Clarke & Ashlee Sinn

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Bo Callaghan understands his role. As the youngest brother of the clan’s alpha, his womanizing ways and zest for life has helped him live up to those lack of expectations. So when he’s asked to assist the International Shifter Coalition with an important project, it’s no surprise when he fails to deliver. Now Bo must help a mysterious human woman convince the other shifters in Alaska to get on board with the big reveal. But all Bo can focus on are her charming ways, the bright blue eyes, and the raging fire she’s ignited in his bear.

McKenzie Parker is no stranger to shifters. A human with secrets of her own, she’s worked around them her whole life. Yet despite having a white tiger as one of her oldest friends, she is intimidated when she first meets the giant, sexy grizzly shifter with a bad reputation and an addicting smile. McKenzie’s secret skills may help her convince others what they need to do, but her attraction to Bo cannot be explained by magic. Falling hard, she worries about opening her heart and letting someone in again. Especially someone like Bo Callaghan.

 Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Callaghan Clan include:  Obeying The Bear – Releasing The Bear – Catching The Bear — plus the follow up Spin-off of The Alaskan Shifters series which includes:  Lured by the Bear – Tempted by the Tiger – Caught by the Cougar

Title:  Catching the Bear
Series:  The Callaghan Clan #3
Author:  Meredith Clarke & Ashlee Sinn
Published:  July 11, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars

As the youngest Callaghan brother, Bo has always lived life his way – which usually means doing as little work as possible and flirting his way through every available lady in sight.  His reputation is… impressive, and perhaps he’ll one day soon regret that very much.  It’s not as if he isn’t intelligent, trustworthy or ambitious.  He can be all those things when he wants to.  But he and everyone else has gotten used to the carefree, no worries, do as he pleases Bo to call him on his lifestyle.  That’s about to change when he encounters the one tiny woman who truly matters… his mate.

Kenzie is overjoyed to be working with her old friend Major again… and pretty scared about those other shifters waiting for her to leave the safety of her rented Jeep.  Oh, she’s not really afraid of them, but they are so much bigger than she is and in truth she does envy them the ability to let their animal side free.  Something she wishes she was able to do.  But Kenzie has other abilities that she doesn’t flash around, and those skills are going to be very much in need on this trip to convince Shifters to expose their existence to the humans they live next to.

And while she’s very well educated on Bo’s reputation, there’s something about that bad boy that draws her.  It makes no sense, he’s totally wrong for her… but still, he gives her something she’s been craving – acceptance for exactly what and who she is.  She’s suddenly unsure if she’ll make it out of this mission with her heart intact – or if she’ll gain something more precious, his heart forever.

I’ve enjoyed each story, each couple in The Callaghan Clan series… and the secondary characters as well.  But I have to admit that Bo pulls me in so easily, there’s just something about that bad boy who has finally met his match that I simply adore.  His acceptance of Kenzie totally and without reservation won her heart and mine as well.  Bo and Kenzie as a couple light up the pages with banter, hot sexy moments, and an obvious liking for each other.  Yes, there’s love but I get the feeling that they like each other as well… and that can make a big difference over the years of a life together.

This adventure isn’t over with this final story in The Callaghan Clan series.  Now we smoothly move into The Alaskan Shifters series with three of the compelling secondary characters continuing the story.  Definitely looking forward to learning more about them, and their mates who will have to be strong and special to deal with these men.  If you love Shifter Romance, I’d encourage you to pick up these two series.  Likable, believable characters and an intriguing story line woven throughout all the stories.

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