Christmas Break Time

Posted December 11, 2018 by Marsha in Shifter Haven Discussion / 0 Comments

As the Christmas celebrations move closer, my birthday looms even more closer… and I realize just how exhausted and short tempered I’ve become I’ve decided it’s time for a Christmas Break Just For Me.  More on this will come up on my main blog, Keeper Bookshelf, on Saturday because that’s my official break taking day… but I wanted to share this here, at the heart of my reading addiction site, Shifter Haven, first.  This is usually the spot I run to, the stories I read most when life is getting to me… and the fact that I’ve let this place fall behind tells me just how bad things have become.

I have one review to finish for a good friend, and talented author this week – and the Christmas addition to T.S. Joyce’s Daughters of Beasts just released so, yeah that has to be read and posted… then I’ll be going dark until the New Year.  Nothing is horribly wrong, my friends, I’m simply tired and need a break.  I deserve to take care of myself as well as the others in my life, and this time I’m making the decision to do just that.

I wish each and every one of you the most wonderful Christmas or Holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or believe — we all believe in the magic of the written word, so that’s enough to join us together… in my opinion.

Safe journey, I’ll see you bright and bushy-tailed in 2019.