Christmas Catastrophe by Harmony Raines

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Christmas CatastropheTitle:  Christmas Catastrophe
Series:  Christmas Bear Brothers #2
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  November 21, 2015
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Bear Bluff firefighter Damon, has gotten used to spending Christmas on duty with the rest of his crew. But this year, Santa has sent him an early Christmas gift, in the shape of curvy cougar shifter Zara.

But Zara is not feeling the joys of the holiday season. Cougar Ridge has experienced a terrible year, and her brother is stuck far away from home. When her nephew, Robbie, climbs the town’s Christmas tree to wish on the star for his dad to come home, she is desperate to make his dreams come true.

When her mate walks into her life, he sweeps her off her feet and gives her a glimpse of how good life can be. Between them, they work to make this the happiest Christmas ever.

Will they be able to turn around the misfortune of the town? And give Robbie his Christmas wish?

This Shifter story contains some very hot sensuous encounters.  For 18+ readers.

Want to discover how this bear and cougar get along?  Then read on for my thoughts about Christmas Catastrophe.

Damon is spending the Christmas holiday working at the firestation.  He’s unmated so it’s no problem for him to do these shifts and let his married co-workers spend time with their families.  One day he hopes to have a family of his own to protect and love on holidays and every other day of the year.  But right now, he’s on duty when the call comes in from nearby Cougar Ridge of a small boy and  cat stuck in a tree.  A cat?  Well, it’s the little boy that has their attention so they make the trip over the mountain to the rescue.

Zara is not very happy with her young nephew, Robbie who is halfway up the town’s huge Christmas tree.  He’s trying to reach the star on top in order to make a wish as his father told him was possible.  Robbie might be a cougar shifter cub, but he hasn’t shifted yet and this tree is no easy climb for a small boy who is determined to make it to the top.  Zara shifts to her cat and begins to make the climb.  She knows she can’t get to him, the tree won’t hold her that high up, but at least she can be near and try her best to catch him should he fall.  As she hears the sirens in the distance she knows help is at hand.

What she didn’t expect was to scent her mate the moment he stepped off of the fire truck… or what that would mean to the future of Cougar Ridge.

Cougar Ridge is a Shifter town, full of Shifters who have no interest in keeping what they are hidden from human view.  And as a result this is also a dying town as businesses close down and the men are going off the mountain to other towns or cities for work to support their families.  This is where Robbie’s dad is right now.  Trying to get home to his family when a blizzard has shut down the airports and making Robbie’s Christmas wish a very difficult job to fulfill.

Christmas Catastrophe is a charming, totally sexy tale of two mates and the lengths they will go to in order to make a Christmas wish come true.  Zara is the daughter of the mayor of Cougar Ridge and fully expects to take over her father’s role one day.  How is she supposed to fit her bear shifter mate into that plan?

With some fast thinking, some serious bonding and the determination to make their mating work for everyone – Damon and Zara will find their way to happiness in an unusual way.  And for more, you’re going to have to read Christmas Catastrophe.  I adore this series.  It’s fast paced, satisfying and entertaining.  What more could you want from a Shifter  Romance — okay, the sensuous, burn the sheets encounters are amazing as well.  Pick this one up – I think you’ll love these brothers and their unique mates.

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